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Crying Is Winning, The Dawg Pack, And Other Digressions

It’s Sunday. I haven’t really written anything in a while. I’ve been off fighting technology like Tron. My computer has been a complete and abysmal wreck over the past few days. Like Charlie Sheen, basically. When I get all this sh*t straightened out, I’m going to name my laptop “Charlie Sheen.” No, wait, eff that. I’m naming it “Rick Vaughn”. Even better. And if you get a piece of it, I’ll let you rename it.

(Major League II quote.)

So what have I missed? Quite a bit, in fact. So rather than stick to one topic in this soon-to-be-diatribe, I’d rather discuss multiple things. Like Bill Simmons does. Except without all the self-effacing letters from readers. Without further ado…

Topic No. 1: Crying in sports

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Hard To Hate Cougar Basketball If You’re A Husky

Curtis Allen then and now

As a teenager, my favorite Husky basketball player was point guard Curtis Allen.

Allen was the lone senior on the Dawgs’ 2003-2004 NCAA Tournament team during my freshman year at UW. He was a reserve at that juncture in his collegiate career, backing up the likes of Will Conroy and Nate Robinson on a ballclub that featured four future NBA players and six future pros in all. Prior to that, he spent the better part of his first three seasons as a starter.

Regarded as one of the quickest players in the Pac-10, Allen had his best season in 2001-2002, when he averaged over 12 PPG and nearly 5 APG.

Upon being carried off the court on the shoulders of the Hec Ed faithful after his final home game in 2004 (an upset win over previously-undefeated Stanford), Allen finished out his Husky playing career and embarked on a coaching odyssey that has led him to Pullman.

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Top 11: Unheralded Northwest Rivalries

Credit Ian Furness with providing the inspiration for this article. The afternoon radio host on 950 KJR wanted to know what the best rivalry in the Northwest was. There are any number of answers to this question, none right, none wrong. But undoubtedly, there are rivalries that are often overlooked. We present those to you in this week’s Top 11.

Because there’s more to life than just Huskies versus Cougars.

11. Ichiro Suzuki vs. The English Language

Like a coy zen master, Ichiro manipulates the English language with the calculated finesse of a rock gardener over his rock garden. Sometimes he speaks it, sometimes he doesn’t. Just depends on the chi of Ichiro at that precise moment.

One thing that remains true is that for eight years now, the Mariners have employed a translator at Ichiro’s behest. The rumor is that the M’s right fielder chooses to utilize his English-speaking mouthpiece so as not to look foolish in the public eye or be misquoted. Okay.

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Five shots at the Cougs, then I’m done

It’s hard to rip on Seattle U., mostly because they have “Seattle” in their name.  It’s like beating up on your little brother, then clowning on him for losing.  You just can’t do that, it’s cold-blooded.  So we’ll overlook the fact that the Huskies plastered their crosstown opposition and look ahead to our coming matchup with the Washington State Cougars on Saturday.

In doing so, we’d like to kick off basketball Apple Cup week with some friendly jabs at our intrastate rival.  We’ve compiled a short list of five things we’ve taken note of with regards to our opponent. Feel free to participate by posting your own barbs in the comments section underneath the post.

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