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Top 11: Unheralded Northwest Rivalries

Credit Ian Furness with providing the inspiration for this article. The afternoon radio host on 950 KJR wanted to know what the best rivalry in the Northwest was. There are any number of answers to this question, none right, none wrong. But undoubtedly, there are rivalries that are often overlooked. We present those to you in this week’s Top 11.

Because there’s more to life than just Huskies versus Cougars.

11. Ichiro Suzuki vs. The English Language

Like a coy zen master, Ichiro manipulates the English language with the calculated finesse of a rock gardener over his rock garden. Sometimes he speaks it, sometimes he doesn’t. Just depends on the chi of Ichiro at that precise moment.

One thing that remains true is that for eight years now, the Mariners have employed a translator at Ichiro’s behest. The rumor is that the M’s right fielder chooses to utilize his English-speaking mouthpiece so as not to look foolish in the public eye or be misquoted. Okay.

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Two BIG Things We Learned From Watching The Apple Cup

Kevin Lopina

Neither team is what you would call “good.” But on Saturday, it was very clear that the Washington Huskies were flat-out better than the Washington State Cougars.

That’s not the only thing we learned while watching the Apple Cup, however. Each team presented us with information about who they truly are in Washington’s 30-0 victory over their in-state rival. We break down those two BIG things right now.

1. The Cougars possess the most fragile QB corps in history.

You may remember a short time ago when I made a ridiculous prediction in our Super Megapost regarding the status of the Washington State quarterbacks for Saturday’s game. Here’s a direct quote from that article:

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