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In The End, Griffey Experiment Worked To Perfection

APTOPIX Rangers Mariners BaseballThey celebrated like a playoff-bound team, despite the fact that their season had just come to a close. A third-place finish in a four-team division is not often cause for celebration, but for all accounts and purposes this ballclub was a winner.

Before the year began, forecasters pegged the Seattle Mariners for a .500 record or worse. An 81-81 showing would be a 20-game improvement over the year prior, and a positive step in the right direction.

By Sunday afternoon, when the 2009 season ultimately came to its conclusion, the M’s had posted a record of 85-77. They finished eight games over .500 and 24 games better than a miserable 101-loss 2008 campaign.

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Coming To Grips With Ken Griffey Jr.’s Impending Retirement

griffeyms2Often times in journalism we tend to settle for objectivity when passion is more apt for the situation.

So when we hear the realists and the fact-mongers going off about Ken Griffey, Jr. and his all-but-sealed fate — retirement — it can sting those of us who lack the objective nature to evaluate a passionate situation through a gray lens.

If you grew up in the late-’80s and early-’90s in Seattle, chances are you formed a bond with Ken Griffey, Jr. that cannot be evaluated by any statistic or rational explanation. We all know that Junior has a special relationship with the people of this region, but none moreso than with the children who idolized him during a period of mutual growth.

While we were in elementary school and junior high, The Kid was a babyfaced teenager roaming the Astroturf outfield of the Kingdome. As we evolved, so did he. And together we endured life on separate plains, albeit in close proximity to one another.

He was a superstar, a millionaire, a budding legend. He had his own shoe, a video game, even a candy bar. He hit home runs, won MVP awards, and struck fear into men twice his age.

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It’s August, Junior Is Batting .220, And We Don’t Care

griffeynewKen Griffey, Jr. is batting .220 and I don’t care.

You shouldn’t care either.

Who really gives a damn what Junior hits? The dude is playing and he’s playing in a Mariners uniform and that’s all that really matters.

Yeah, I guess it’d be nice if he was hitting a little better, but even six months after we brought the guy back, all I care about is that he’s still here.

Whether you’ve been out to Safeco Field twenty times, ten times, or even just once, seeing Junior in an M’s jersey is still a surreal moment.

If you grew up on Junior’s heroics in the Dome, you appreciate the man simply for playing the game in front of you once again.

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