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Zduriencik Beginning To Look Human

Forget Junior, for a minute.

Forget the most talked-about nap since Rip Van Winkle.

The aging superstar and his sleeping habits are merely a convenient scapegoat for a ballclub that flat-out sucks right now. That we’ve actually given this much attention to a short snooze is despicable. And you call yourselves sports fans.

If you want to blame someone for the struggles of the 2010 Seattle Mariners, you need look no further than the man who put this edition of the team together: Jack Zduriencik.

Yeah, I said it. And I stand by it, too. Even in spite of the fact that Zduriencik was baseball’s King Midas a year ago, that doesn’t change what happens to be going on right now. Right now, our team is garbage. And for that we must fault the general manager, at least to a certain degree.

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Larry LaRue Getting More Attention Than He Has Ever Before Received

Be honest. How many of you knew who Larry LaRue was before today? Sure, you may have heard of Larry Stone, or Geoff Baker, or even LaRue’s plucky sidekick at the Tacoma News-Tribune, Ryan Divish.

But Larry LaRue (pictured at left) isn’t exactly a household name. He’s a pro’s pro, and one more content to do his job to the utmost degree, rather than whore himself out to radio stations and women with large breasts. Like the Q13 10:00 p.m. news, you forget he’s there, until suddenly — BOOM! — he strikes.

The Brian Dunkleman of local sports coverage, LaRue is getting his 15 minutes of fame today for this blog post on the straining relationship between Ken Griffey Jr. and the Seattle Mariners.

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Dropping Griffey, Sweeney Won’t Solve Problems

As the saying goes, it’s only a problem if you have a solution. And frankly, when it comes to the Mariners’ designated hitter tandem of Mike Sweeney and Ken Griffey Jr., solutions are nowhere to be found.

Much has been made in recent days of the hitting woes shared by two veterans with 76 years of life between them (Sweeney is 36; Griffey, 40). Their combined batting average is .211 (16-for-76). They have managed just one extra-base hit (a double, by Griffey). They have produced a grand total of six RBI. They have eight bases on balls to their credit, but mitigate the on-base percentage with their 14 strikeouts. To say that the Mariners’ DH position is a veritable black hole would be entirely accurate.

But let’s be real for a minute. What other options does the team have?

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Would You Like Some Sequins On Your Ichiro Designed T-Shirt?

The Mariners released their 2010 promotional schedule on Friday, and it contains some interesting giveaways. Here are a few highlights:

-Three (3) Ken Griffey, Jr. bobblehead nights

Including a 1989 rendition of Griffey (Apr. 16), a ’95 slide likeness (May 7), and a dual Junior/Ichiro “Cooperstown Bound” figurine (Jun. 18).

-Two (2) other bobblehead nights

Felix Hernandez (Apr. 30), and Ichiro (Aug. 27). So if you miss out on the Griffey bobbleheads, you can try to justify it with Felix or Ichiro. Which is hardly any justification at all.

-Military Coin Night (Apr. 17)

This giveaway in association with Salute to Armed Forces Night wouldn’t be that big a deal EXCEPT that it’s a post-game giveaway. Yeah. Makes no sense, right? Now it’s a battle to see which of you 20,000 fans can get out of the park the quickest.

-Ichiro Designed T-Shirt Night (May 1)

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Well That Was Quick: Griffey, M’s Agree On Deal

griffeycurtaincallKen Griffey, Jr. is re-returning to the Mariners, this time with much less hype and fanfare than the initial go-round.

Last year, we waited, we hoped, we prayed, and finally — FINALLY — Griffey and the M’s reached an agreement on a one-year deal. This time, it only took a matter of days to bring him back.

Credit The Seattle Times’ Larry Stone as the first to report the move earlier today. The deal is rumored to be very similar to the one that Junior and the team agreed upon a year ago. Griffey earned a base salary of $2 million in 2009, plus incentives.

The team’s primary designated hitter in 2009, Griffey turns 40 on Nov. 21 and will likely assume a reduced role in 2010. Entering his 22nd major league season, Griffey is not nearly the player he once was, but still commands a presence in the locker room. The veteran was the unquestioned team leader of the Mariners in 2009.

Though many expected Griffey’s initial return to the Mariners a season ago to be his final foray in Major League Baseball, Griffey himself had every desire to continue playing baseball in 2010.

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