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Karate Emergency Ep. 33: Great Debates and Top Eights


In the wake of joining the Ian and Puck Show on KJR (you can listen to our hour segment here), consider this the “after show.”

Pointed discussions on Myspace, the Mariners, and the greatest sports debate of all-time envelop the conclusion of last week’s ménage à talk, grumpiness, and This Week in ’90s History.

Listen to both segments back-to-back for maximum effect. Please consult your doctor if anything lasts longer than four hours.



Karate Emergency Ep. 32: The Devil’s Triple Play



Esteemed stand-up comedian, sports savant, Offspeed Podcast creator, and friend of the program Casey McLain joins the show this week as a fill-in guest host for one of the lost Karate Kids. Casey provides valuable insight on married life and goes into detail on his uncomfortable love affair with former Mariner John Jaso.

Speaking of love, Kelly reveals a deep, dark secret about her past love life — which in turn begs this question: On a scale from 1 to 10, how many people has Kelly slept with simultaneously?

The answer to that question, plus a Mariners update, I-5 Rivalry nostalgia, and another edition of Tindermonials on this week’s Karate Emergency!

Karate Emergency Ep. 31: Feuds


From baseball players to local media members, seemingly everyone has a beef to work out this week. We set the record straight on every feud you want to hear about, bat signals included.

Plus, a new segment debuts that combines dating apps, DMs, and a special guest narrator. The lines you’re about to hear won’t disappoint.

All that, some general grumpiness, a crippling “injury,” and the current state of your Seattle Mariners on this week’s Karate Emergency!

Karate Emergency Ep. 30: I Want It That Way


Should the NBA legalize gonad-kicking?

Will Chris Taylor ignite the Mariners’ downfall?

Did Slickhawk really send fan mail to a pop star?

Is Geoff Baker going to get his ass kicked?

What are married couples buying at Costco that have the Karate Kids up in arms?

And what exactly prompted one sports radio troll to delete his Twitter account?

All these questions answered and more on this week’s Karate Emergency, where we’ll never show you the meaning of being lonely.

Karate Emergency Ep. 29: Bat Signals and Breakups


Meerkats rejoice! Two-thirds of the KE cast has found their way back to Tinder in the wake of equally harrowing, though completely unique, breakups.

Plus, was Rougned Odor’s KO of Jose Bautista a great thing for baseball or the greatest thing for baseball?

All that and more, along with all your Beyonce news, on this week’s Karate Emergency!

Karate Emergency Ep. 28: Vacate This

Sonics Rally

We’re in mourning over the death of Sonics Arena this week, at the hands of the evil Seattle City Council. In the aftermath of the execution, reaction has been decidedly negative. Is the vitriol warranted?

Seattle’s favorite quarterback weighs in on the arena news, but does he really deserve praise for backing the movement?

And the first place Mariners, winners of 14 of their last 19 games, are finally refusing to lose. What’s next for the hometown nine?

All of that, plus Slickhawk tries his hand at glamping on this week’s Karate Emergency!

Karate Emergency Ep. 27: Street Vacation

02 - Occidental Avenue S. - Facing South

We’ll get to that street vacation in due time, but first we have to exhaust a fair amount of ire, while also discussing Slickhawk’s new living, breathing lady friend.

The Sonics are one step closer to returning, provided city government doesn’t screw this all up. The Mariners have a chance to turn Wednesday’s win into a winning streak. And the Seahawks have an old face back in town, with potential new faces forthcoming.

In-between, we debate who actually had the Seahawks’ 2016 schedule first, and does life really happen in the DMs?

All that and more on this week’s Karate Emergency!

Karate Emergency Ep. 26: An Asshole is Still An Asshole


A special opportunity presents itself this week, as the KE crew gets first crack at reacting to Wednesday’s Softy vs. Geoff Baker interview on Sports Radio KJR. It’s exactly what you’d expect.

Before that, however, we get to steal from the Ian & Puck Show by playing a variation of the best segment on radio, Ask Adam. This time around, Producer Adam gets a legitimate shot at a tangible prize.

Plus, are Mariner fans really disloyal? Are the Golden State Warriors the best team of all-time? And is Kobe the most selfish basketball player ever?

All that and more on this week’s Karate Emergency!

Karate Emergency Ep. 25: Hashtag Opening Day


The sun is out and baseball season is upon us, which means the Mariners and their scorching hot start are top of mind. Things are looking up for the hometown nine, but have you seen Dae-Ho Lee in Super-Mo yet? Truly something to behold.

The NCAA National Championship was one for the ages, plus what exactly did the Sounders TV play-by-play announcer do that’s so hilarious?

All that and more on this week’s Karate Emergency!


Karate Emergency Ep. 24: Bros Before Hos


Should you rat on your buddy if he’s cheating on his woman? Should you record your buddy talking about his affairs? We answer these questions and more against the backdrop of a budding sports scandal.

Plus, baseball season is about to get underway, but are the Mariners being assholes about Chris Hansen’s proposed arena project? How should we be balancing our Mariners fanaticism with the reality of the team’s ridiculous stance on progress?

Finally, a seminal This Week in ’90s History, and a farewell letter from a really average guy.

Check it!

Karate Emergency Ep. 23: #ManInTree


A big week in local news is headlined by a man sitting in a tree for 24 hours, which is absolutely perfect.

On the sports front, Dejounte Murray and Marquese Chriss have announced they’re going pro, but are they ready? We sort out their future, as well as that of the UW men’s basketball program.

The NCAA Tournament  has grabbed our attention, an engagement has sidelined our quarterback, and This Week in ’90s History features one of the most iconic films of your adolescence.

It’s all here in this week’s Karate Emergency!

Karate Emergency Ep. 22: Steak and a BJ Day


We’re celebrating a myriad of holidays on the show today, including two that pay homage to a trio of things men can’t live without.

Beyond the special observances, a host of topics ranging from Seahawks free agency, to the Pac-12 Tournament, to Terrence Ross’s famous new love interest dot the spectrum of subjects at hand.

Enjoy your steak on Monday!

Karate Emergency Ep. 21: Faking Charity and Death


An earth-scorching on a veiled attempt at charity, a potentially staged demise, a revolutionary basketball player, and one epic fall from our beloved Slickhawk. Plus a bevy of grumpiness and a transcendent This Week in ’90s History.

It’s all here in the 21st installment of Karate Emergency!


Karate Emergency Ep. 20: Speaking of Coitus


A whole lot of angst fills today’s show, which is really just fun for anyone who likes to hear about other people’s problems. Jerseys, soccer fans, stupid people, and Twitter all draw our ire in varying forms before we settle into some real life sports talk.

The Husky basketball team may or may not be in this year’s NCAA Tournament after a recent three-game skid, the NBA’s Slam Dunk contest was a transcendent experience, and Peyton Manning might be on the verge of shaking down a New York Daily News writer in the near future.

All of that, plus a seminal This Week in ’90s History!

Karate Emergency Ep. 19: Matt Calkins, the Classy Meerkat


Seattle Times columnist Matt Calkins joins the show to discuss his latest feature on Marshawn Lynch’s retirement and the timing of the announcement. Was Marshawn’s announcement really lacking in “class”? And how have terms like this evolved to become so divisive in the world of sports today?

We also take some time to remember the Super Bowl and delve into a controversial topic that involves a quarterback who was at the game, but did not throw a single pass.

We spend a solid two minutes on Husky Hoops, before rounding out the show with This Week in ’90s History and an impromptu ranking of the best actors to ever play Batman.

All this as the O.G. Meerkat joins us in studio for the 19th installment of Karate Emergency!