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A Divine Intervention

I was rolling down Interstate 405 the other day when I came upon a crappy sedan plodding along the highway at about 50 miles per hour. Forced to spend a miserable ten seconds or so behind the Casey Kotchman of automobiles, I noticed that this slow-moving bastard had an Obama sticker on his bumper.

Now, I’ll be honest, I like Obama. He seems like a cool guy. I’m not really big on politics, but I can tell that he’d be a good dude to hoop and drink with. That sort of thing goes a long way in my book. He’s a guy’s guy, basically. And being a guy’s guy myself, I appreciate that.

At this precise moment, however, I was experiencing frustration. Frustration brought on by the operator of this clunker compact car. Frustration instigated by someone who happened to be advertising the current President of the United States of America.

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Forsett, Rankin Offer Hope For Seahawks’ Backfield

Seahawks Cardinals Football
Justin Forsett celebrates a touchdown run in the first half of Sunday's game. (AP)

In a lost season, all you can hope for is any sign of progress for the future. That’s where running backs Justin Forsett and Louis Rankin come in.

The former Pac-10 foes — Rankin attended Washington, Forsett was a Cal Bear — saw extended action in Sunday’s loss to Arizona after starter Julius Jones exited with an injury.

Assuming the majority of the playing time, second-year pro Forsett ran for a career-high 123 yards on 17 carries, notching an impressive 7.2 yards per attempt and recording a touchdown in the process. Compare that to Jones, who has eclipsed the 100-yard mark just once this season, that coming in Week One against St. Louis. In that contest, Jones logged 117 yards and averaged 6.2 yards per attempt, which should put into perspective just how big Forsett’s day truly was for this struggling offense.

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Calm Down, Everyone. It’s Just Edgerrin James.

edgerrinjamesThe situation must be bad when an entire city can get excited about a 31-year-old running back coming off a season in which he lost his starting job to a guy who will probably lose his starting job to a rookie this year.

The Edgerrin James the Seahawks have reportedly signed for the 2009 season does not in any way resemble the young man who had his own footwear line (designed by Reebok) at the beginning of the decade. That Edgerrin James was an Indianapolis Colt, a big name back, and had a supporting cast of all-stars to help raise his game.

This older, wiser, and humbler James is trying to rebound from a shaky ’08 campaign in which he was booted from the Arizona Cardinals’ starting lineup in favor of rookie Tim Hightower. Hightower, in turn, is the Cardinal living on the hot seat these days with first-year player and highly touted draft pick Chris “Beanie” Wells carrying the ball in the desert.

So the Edge the Hawks have signed is, in theory, a guy who lost his job to a guy who will probably lose his job. Kind of like the assistant to the assistant.

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