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Top 11: All-Laminated List Team

We could have called this the “Top 11: Athletes You’d Let Your Significant Other Sleep With” but the heading was too long, and not exactly catchy. So we cut some words, came up with a creative title, and boom, you have your All-Laminated List Team. The Laminated List, as many of you I’m sure are aware, is a compilation of people (usually celebrities) who your average man or woman could fornicate with, without any repercussions whatsoever, regardless of a prior, binding relationship.

What we’ve decided to do is count down 11 athletes who are worthy of your wife’s or girlfriend’s lists. Guys who you would have no qualms about turning your lady over to for an evening. The only condition we’ve installed is that these athletes be current, active players in either the college or professional ranks (so no Michael Jordan, for instance). Without further ado, onto the list.

Mad-Dog woos the ladies.
Mad-Dog woos the ladies.

11. Mark Madsen, Forward, NBA, Minnesota Timberwolves.

Vital stats: 6’9″, 255 lbs, 33 years old, 0.3 PPG (’08-’09), 1.1 RPG (’08-’09).

Reason you’re cool with him boning your lady: There is no harder worker in the NBA than Mad-Dog. You know–and I mean, you really effing know–that if he gets your lady into bed, he’s going to give her 110% maximum effort before he calls it quits. No player on this list will treat your girl better, and when he’s done with the one-night stand, he’ll gladly return Ms. Right back to your waiting arms exactly as he found her.

Reason he’d make her list: Madsen is a Stanford alum, so he’s pretty intelligent. Plus he’s got the intensity that a passionate woman could appreciate.

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Heroes of the Griffey deal

00168A lot of people chipped in to make Junior’s return a possibility.  Here’s a breakdown of all those individuals.

Chuck Armstrong. Without the M’s longtime president, this deal doesn’t go down.  Armstrong has been an unabashed Griffey fan since the outfielder left Seattle following the 1999 season.  He has expressed his desire to bring Junior back ever since then, and was a key cog in orchestrating the huge welcome home ceremony Seattle put on for Griffey in 2007.

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Top 11: Ken Griffey, Jr. Photos

Over the years I’ve managed to round up quite a few photos of Ken Griffey, Jr. in a Mariners uniform.  Back in 2003, when I was a freshman in college, I had received a new laptop computer as a high school graduation gift.  One of the first things I did was download a picture of Safeco Field in the summertime for my wallpaper, and about fifty photos of Junior as a Mariner for my screensaver.  About half the photos I originally downloaded are now nowhere to be found online, but I’ve managed to include a few in this list.  Without further ado, here are the Top 11.

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