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Know Your F@#%ing Opponent: Chicago Bears


Hello 12th People, and welcome to another Blue Friday. Today marks the third installment of our weekly preview on the Seahawks’ 2015 opponents. Our subject on this particular Friday: the Chicago Bears.

The Chicago Bears. My god, are they bad. This might very well be the worst team in the NFL, which may come as a shock to some of you since it wasn’t that long ago the Bears were actually decent. But man oh man, have they found ways to make themselves shitty the past couple seasons.

Let’s start from the top.

Following the 2012 campaign, the Bears fired head coach Lovie Smith, who didn’t totally suck. Rather than hire a better version of Smith to lead them, Chicago panicked and snagged Marc Trestman from the CFL. That’s right, Canada. They hired a quarterbacks guru from football’s minor leagues and expected it to work out. Naturally, it did not.

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Karate Emergency: Episode XII.5

Click here to listen.

*Note: Original link was broken and cut off the podcast three-quarters of the way through. The link has since been updated and is now fully working.

You may be wondering why we’ve entitled this episode XII.5. Well, interestingly enough, Karate Emergency Episode XII was lost in production, a result of the radio station we record from being torn down before our very eyes (seriously). Because it would not be accurate to give this episode the title of XII or XIII, we split the difference and got all weird on you. Enjoy that.

Topics this week include the usual grumpiness, Jay Cutler versus Twitter, Husky Basketball (including the RTR movement) and the Pac-10 Player of the Year race, a good deal of random tangents on random subjects, and the news to close the show. We also drop the second installment of our Twitter follower shout-out, so tune in to see if you happen to be this week’s lucky winner!


Please God, make this man a Lion
Please God, make this man a Lion

Send Jay Cutler to the Lions, that’ll show him. If John Clayton says it, it must be true.  And right now J.C. is saying that the only two NFL teams capable of trading for Broncos QB Jay Cutler are the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions.  Yes.  Send him to Detroit where he can camp behind a shaky O-line and play in front of a morbid fan base.  There could be no greater justice in sports.

What’s worse than being a women’s college basketball analyst? Today on Sportscenter, NCAA Women’s College Basketball analyst Kara Lawson was being asked her take on the Women’s NCAA Tournament.  It was like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher.  I heard “UConn” a bunch, then noise, then some more noise.  Mostly, I feel bad for Kara Lawson.  What does she do the rest of the year?  And I’m sure she has to have a grasp on the fact that few people care about what she’s saying.  Hopefully the paycheck atones for all that.

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Jay Cutler needs to unbunch his panties and grow up


Jay Cutler formally demanded a trade today, and it’s a travesty.  I’m not a Bronco fan, nor am I anti-Jay Cutler, but this is getting ridiculous.  Cutler has been upset with the way Denver has treated him all offseason, and I can understand why.  First, his name was brought up in trade rumors for ex-Patriot QB Matt Cassel.  Cutler, who up until this point has been considered a franchise cornerstone, was miffed as to why Denver would want to part ways with him.  Understandable.  He quickly sought answers of new head coach Josh McDaniels, a former New England assistant coach who still, apparently, had a soft spot for Cassel.  McDaniels mishandled the situation, first speaking with Cutler over conference call, then finally meeting with the quarterback over the weekend.  In both instances, each party walked away less than enamored with the results.

So here we are today.  Cutler is still upset and throwing a hissyfit about it.  Like I said, I can understand why he’s frustrated with the situation, but that doesn’t justify his behavior.  This is the NFL, and it’s a business.  This isn’t Peewee Leagues, or high school, or even college.  You can be dropped by your employer at any time, for any reason.  This is the real world, Jay, not Cutlertopia.  Continue reading Jay Cutler needs to unbunch his panties and grow up