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Huskies Gel Michael Roll’s Hair

Stacy Patton? Not tonight.

That was insane.

Can we pen our contract with ESPN now? Seems like when they come to town, we blow the roof off the arena.

You could pick almost any moment in the game and call it your favorite.

Maybe it was pregame, when Quincy Pondexter was honored on Senior Night.

Maybe it was late in the first half, when Isaiah Thomas knocked down three straight three-pointers. (Inspired, Isaiah?)

Maybe it was early in the second half, when Pondexter threw down a breakaway circus jam.

Maybe it was in the closing minutes, when the Sherrer Explosion went off.

Could be any of those moments, or many more.

For me, it was when Coach Bob Knight mentioned that UCLA’s Reeves Nelson looked like Apollo Creed. That was fantastic.

Go Dawgs!

Isaiah “Stacy Patton” Thomas

Isaiah Thomas is Stacy Patton.

Stacy Patton, for those of you who don’t know, is a character played by the late Malik Sealy in the movie Eddie.

In the film, Patton is a ballhog who plays for the New York Knicks, has a ridiculous contract, and gets his ass benched by Eddie, the team’s coach played by Whoopi Goldberg. Upon being removed from the lineup, the Knicks go on a winning streak thanks to the team ball that results from Patton’s benching.

Isaiah isn’t kinda, sorta, a little bit like Stacy Patton. Isaiah IS Stacy Patton. So much so, that I refuse to refer to him by any other name besides Stacy Patton from here on out. For the rest of this article, Isaiah Thomas will only be acknowledged by the name “Stacy Patton.” Here goes.

Stacy got sat down tonight for what would equate to the entire fourth quarter of play, and the Huskies went on a fantastic run. Overcame a double-digit deficit and nearly won a ballgame that they should have lost going away. This team, in its current structure, plays better when Stacy Patton is out of the lineup.

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Well…This Is A Situation

A few weeks ago we compared the Huskies’ Isaiah Thomas to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Citing The Situation’s need for attention in a charming-yet-cocky sort of way, we alluded to Thomas’s me-first attitude on the court that, while at times selfish, was exactly what this otherwise-scoring-deficient ballclub needed.

Fast forward a few games and everything has changed.

Instead of being the aggressive volume scorer he was just weeks ago, Thomas has turned into a ballhog and a buzzkill. He’s gone from being the focal point of this team’s offense to the black hole. Instead of creating opportunities, Thomas has heisted them from his teammates, putting up goose eggs in the process.

Yesterday, Thomas’s stretch of mediocrity came to a head with a thirty-percent shooting performance that resulted in a total of seven points.

While Thomas’s final line was bad (7 pts, 6 rebs, 1 ast, 4 TO, 3 PF, 3-10 FG, 1-4 FT, 0-4 3-pt), a stretch of two minutes to close out the first half was even worse.

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Updated: Attention whore Thomas now claims he was just “screwing around”


Updated: Isaiah Thomas now claims he was just “screwing around” on Facebook when rumors began to circulate that he would declare for the 2009 NBA Draft.

Three things: 1) I think I speak for all Husky fans when I say I’m glad he was just joking, 2) If he wanted attention so badly why couldn’t he just take one of those in-the-mirror cellphone snapshots of his abs and post it to his profile and, 3) Facebook is a powerful tool.

That is all.  Enjoy your day.

According to a “status update” on his personal Facebook profile, University of Washington freshman guard Isaiah Thomas will declare for the 2009 NBA Draft.

Just before 10:00 AM this morning, the Pac-10 Freshman of the Year posted his status to read, “Isaiah Thomas Is Entering the 2009 NBA Draft.”

While nothing can yet be confirmed, Thomas’ decision to declare for the ’09 Draft would be, let’s face it, a bad one.  He is not projected as a first-round pick, and would be lucky to be selected at all.  A first-round selection guarantees a contract for the drafted player, while a second-round selection comes with no guarantees.

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Dawgs earn individual awards

uwlogo1The Pac-10 Men’s Basketball awards were announced today, and the Huskies came away big winners.  Forward Jon Brockman and guard Justin Dentmon were named to the All-Pac-10 First Team, while Dentmon also took home the Most Improved Player Award; guard Isaiah Thomas was named Freshman of the Year, and was also named to the All-Pac-1o Second Team; and head coach Lorenzo Romar garnered Pac-10 Coach of the Year honors.

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Notes: Hill franchised, I.T. love, and more

83804298JS011_CBE_CLASSIC_FIt’s been easy to overlook everything that’s gone on over the course of today, what with Griffey’s return and all.  But there are a number of other stories Seattle fans need to know about before the day is done, so let’s get to it.

Hawks franchise Hill. Free agent linebacker Leroy Hill will more than likely be returning to Seattle next season, as the Seahawks designated him their franchise player for the offseason, ensuring any outside suitors would have to pay a king’s ransom in order to sign him to a deal.  By placing the franchise tag on Hill, the Hawks have the option to work out a longterm deal with the pass-rush specialist, or simply pay him an average of the top five salaries of players at his position for one year.

I.T. on ESPN. Washington’s Isaiah Thomas is currently being featured in an article on ESPN.com, which can be found HERE.  The Huskies starting point guard was also interviewed in a television segment for the show “First Take,” and the video is posted at the above link as well. Nice to see I.T. get some national love after going relatively unnoticed over the past four months.

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