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Saves Sonics Roster. Drops Mic.


Got rid of every player on the Kings roster. Except Isaiah Thomas.

Got Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, and Ray Allen in exchange.


*Disclaimer: Please understand that this trade would never happen. Ever. The moral of the story is that the NBA is coming back to Seattle, the Sonics are alive again, and playing with ESPN’s Trade Machine is once again relevant to us. Enjoy it, Sonics fans. We’re back.

Thanks For Making Me Look Like A Prophet, Isaiah

Lisa Simpson.

That’s who I felt like when I warned you about Isaiah Thomas.

I warned you on Facebook (“Does IT really need to return to UW next year? What does he gain by doing that?”), I warned you on Twitter (“What does IT gain by coming back? Already a proven scorer and won’t get the chance to flash the PG skills next year w/ Gaddy/Wroten.”), and I warned you in Episode XIX of the podcast most of you don’t listen to (beginning at the 33:45 mark, in case you’re interested).

Think of Isaiah as the ever-shrinking O-Zone layer. Think of me as Lisa. And consider yourselves to be the good people of Springfield.

If we’re not careful, the O-Zone layer will disappear! I told you. I tried to warn you. But none of you listened. And now, sadly, the O-Zone layer is gone.

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Karate Emergency: Episode XII.5

Click here to listen.

*Note: Original link was broken and cut off the podcast three-quarters of the way through. The link has since been updated and is now fully working.

You may be wondering why we’ve entitled this episode XII.5. Well, interestingly enough, Karate Emergency Episode XII was lost in production, a result of the radio station we record from being torn down before our very eyes (seriously). Because it would not be accurate to give this episode the title of XII or XIII, we split the difference and got all weird on you. Enjoy that.

Topics this week include the usual grumpiness, Jay Cutler versus Twitter, Husky Basketball (including the RTR movement) and the Pac-10 Player of the Year race, a good deal of random tangents on random subjects, and the news to close the show. We also drop the second installment of our Twitter follower shout-out, so tune in to see if you happen to be this week’s lucky winner!

Top 11: Reasons I Love Isaiah Thomas

A few weeks ago, I wrote this article on Isaiah Thomas, likening him to one Stacy Patton, a fictional NBA player from the movie Eddie with a bad reputation.

Since that article was published, much has been made of the comparison between Thomas and Patton.

For one, Isaiah, himself, has responded to the name-calling. The article has been the subject of radio discussion, for another. And as a whole, it has created a whirlwind of discussion and controversy on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

But to Isaiah’s credit, he has done everything humanly possible to shed the ill-fated nickname from his persona. And in nine games since that article first appeared in print, Isaiah has returned to the good graces of myself, and all other Husky fans alike.

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Why Washington Will Beat Marquette

With all due respect to the Marquette Golden Eagles, I truly believe the Washington Huskies will pull the upset and win their first round NCAA Tournament matchup on Thursday. You can call it blind allegiance if you must, but if I were a betting man I’d still side with the Dawgs. It just makes sense. Here’s why:

A bunch of swingmen vs. Matthew Bryan-Amaning

Had you told me a month ago that Matthew Bryan-Amaning would be our biggest X-factor in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, I would have cringed. These days, however, he might very well be our greatest weapon.

The 6’9″ power forward from Britain will be counted on to shoulder much of the load inside against Marquette’s diminutive front line. Though the Golden Eagles’ forwards are all at least two inches shorter than MBA, they play bigger than their stature and are more active than some of the big bodies the Huskies faced in Pac-10 play.

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Huskies Nine Games From National Championship

Don’t laugh.

Stranger things have happened.

Carl Lewis once sang the national anthem.

John Daly had his stomach stapled.

Shakespeare in Love won an Oscar for Best Picture.

So to think that the Washington men’s basketball couldn’t run off nine straight victories and win an NCAA title is not entirely implausible. Just semi-unlikely. But why focus on the negative?

There are hundreds of reasons why the Dawgs can’t win the NCAA Tournament. The odds, the competition, Joe Lunardi, East Coast bias. That’s only four. You can think up dozens more, I’m sure.

But I’d rather tell you why they can. Because it’s Monday. And you need something positive in your life today.

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