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Dave Libbey retires as icicle forms in hell

libbey2That old rapscallion Dave Libbey is finally hanging up the stripes, off to greener pastures as the new Coordinator of Basketball Officials for the West Coast Conference.

Libbey, a former college basketball referee based on the west coast, has been the source of much controversy on our website, spawning two heavily debated articles that can be found here and here.

Now that he will no longer plague our beloved Huskies — or any other team in the Pac 10, for that matter — our beef with officials around the world has come to an end. The folks at Officiating.com can rest easy now. This battle is over.

UW cuts men’s and women’s swimming program

uwlogoI think it’s safe to say we can blame this on swine flu. (Joking.)

Don’t freak out about the loss of our swim teams, though. It’s not like you were going to the meets or anything, and if you were, it was almost surely on someone else’s dime (it is free for students, after all).

It sucks that the swim teams have to go, but let’s face facts: swimming wasn’t generating a ton of revenue (if any) for the school, and it wasn’t exactly a feasible keeper option during cutback time.

I’d much rather lose the swimming program, than witness fifty hard-working individuals get laid off to make up for the $1.2 million this saved the university.

We’ll live. Go Dawgs.

Romar hosts private party for student section

This picture needs to be displayed more.
This picture needs to be displayed more.

Can’t say I’ve heard of this happening before. University of Washington men’s basketball coach Lorenzo Romar hosted a private party at the University Village Ram on Monday, specifically for members of the Dawg Pack student section.

Romar had personally invited every Dawg Pack ticket holder either by email or phone, and spent the minutes before the party officially kicked off by walking around the room and speaking to each individual in attendance.

The party lasted from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM and the entire restaurant was closed to the public during that time.

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Everyone can calm down now, the Apple Cup isn’t moving

applecup100It would have been moved to Qwest Field, but naturally the Cougars and Huskies couldn’t agree on ticket allotment and that’s what kept it from getting shifted. So it really was about money, and it really didn’t matter what the fans thought, and they were going to do it anyways, but our schools’ mutual differences actually helped all us fans out. Imagine that. Go Coug-Dawgs.

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Dawgs Replace Dollar With Raphael Chillious

chilliousRaphael Chillious, formerly the head coach at South Kent Preparatory School in Connecticut, has been hired by the University of Washington as the school’s newest men’s basketball assistant coach.

Chillious replaces Cameron Dollar, who recently accepted the head coaching position at Seattle University.

Chillious also has numerous recruiting ties around the nation, and will serve in similar capacity to Dollar, leading the staff in recruiting and working with the guards. Chillious previously coached current Huskies Isaiah Thomas and Matthew Bryan-Amaning when they played at South Kent.

Cameron Dollar reportedly hired as new Seattle U. basketball coach

camerondollarCongratulations to Cameron Dollar, who has been reported as the new head basketball coach at Seattle University.

Dollar has been an assistant at UW since 2002, when head coach Lorenzo Romar first took the reins of the Husky Basketball program. Prior to that, the former UCLA point guard assisted under Romar at Saint Louis University, and even spent one year as a head coach at Southern California College during the 1998-1999 season.

Dollar has been mentioned in connection with numerous head coaching vacancies over the years, most recently Portland State, Washington State, and even Oregon State.

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How many points does Will Conroy need to score to get into the NBA?

willconroyWill Conroy scored 53 points in an NBDL game the other night.

I’ll let you process that for the next two paragraphs.

Take your time.

Fifty-three points are hard to digest.

Okay, that’s enough time.

Let me start by saying I feel like Chris Farley’s character in Tommy Boy. Like the only way to get NBA owners to notice what Conroy is doing is to strap road flares to my chest and create a hostage situation in offices around the league, complete with a news crew and everything.

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A Tribute To Our Favorite Little Big Man, Joe Wolfinger

joewolfingerWe first brought you the news of University of Washington center Joe Wolfinger’s pending transfer all the way back in February. So don’t say we’ve never provided you any gifts, Wolf haters.

That said, if you’re like me, and found the seven-footer mildly entertaining over the past four years, the official confirmation of his departure earlier this week came as relatively sad news in the world of local sports. No, Wolf wasn’t the greatest basketball player to ever grace the court, but at least he was fun to watch play, no matter your definition of fun.

A gangly bundle of awkwardly packaged limbs, Wolfinger arrived on Montlake in 2005 as the walking definition of odd. He possessed the height of a bona fide center, but the corresponding physique of a Red Vine. His size screamed “inside game,” but his mind told him “shooting guard.” We expected hook shots, post moves, and dunks; we got three-pointers….and, uh, that’s about it.

There are very few comparisons we can make between Wolfinger’s on-court play and anything else in life, but I have one.

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Huskies’ Plan To Thwart WSU Nearing Completion

BSky N Arizona Portland St BasketballThey hired Ken Bone without a second thought.

They introduced him as one of their own, the new men’s basketball coach, his own press conference and everything.

They laughed at his jokes, celebrated his glee, and allowed themselves to get excited over his future with the team.

Those cute, naive Cougs.

Little do they know that Bone’s hiring is the penultimate phase in Washington’s master plan to destroy Washington State from the inside-out.
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Updated: Attention whore Thomas now claims he was just “screwing around”


Updated: Isaiah Thomas now claims he was just “screwing around” on Facebook when rumors began to circulate that he would declare for the 2009 NBA Draft.

Three things: 1) I think I speak for all Husky fans when I say I’m glad he was just joking, 2) If he wanted attention so badly why couldn’t he just take one of those in-the-mirror cellphone snapshots of his abs and post it to his profile and, 3) Facebook is a powerful tool.

That is all.  Enjoy your day.

According to a “status update” on his personal Facebook profile, University of Washington freshman guard Isaiah Thomas will declare for the 2009 NBA Draft.

Just before 10:00 AM this morning, the Pac-10 Freshman of the Year posted his status to read, “Isaiah Thomas Is Entering the 2009 NBA Draft.”

While nothing can yet be confirmed, Thomas’ decision to declare for the ’09 Draft would be, let’s face it, a bad one.  He is not projected as a first-round pick, and would be lucky to be selected at all.  A first-round selection guarantees a contract for the drafted player, while a second-round selection comes with no guarantees.

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Huskies kissing Cousins in ’09?

DeMarcus Cousins
DeMarcus Cousins

The backlash of John Calipari’s move to Kentucky has reached Seattle.

The former Memphis coach indirectly bestowed the gift of hope upon University of Washington basketball fans when he switched employers Tuesday.

Hope in the form of 6’10” high school center DeMarcus Cousins, the number-four prospect in the country who has reopened his recruiting process following Calipari’s departure.  Cousins had been committed to Memphis, though had not yet signed a National Letter of Intent.

A potential “one-and-done” player, Cousins had Washington and Kansas State on his short list of destinations before committing to Calipari and Memphis.  With Memphis likely out of the picture, and Kentucky already two scholarships over the limit, K-State and UW have to be considered favorites to land the talented big man.

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The Curious Case of Matthew Bryan-Amaning

mbaBig things were expected of Matthew Bryan-Amaning this season. Washington’s sophomore power forward was expected to play key minutes for a Husky ballclub with little frontcourt depth. The 6’9″ low-post presence would utilize his jump hook and leaping ability to produce a heavy dose of scoring on offense, and a 7’4″ wingspan with a knack for blocking shots to disrupt opponents on defense. Instead, the 20-year-old Bryan-Amaning saw his stats remain stagnant and his production regress over the course of the 2008-2009 season. With two years of inconsistency under his belt, MBA is the biggest area of concern for Dawg fans looking ahead to the 2009-2010 campaign.

Where did he go wrong? The soon-to-be upperclassman began the season in ominous fashion, missing the first three games of the year due to injury. Once Bryan-Amaning found the floor, the results were anything but pretty. In his first four games, MBA averaged 3.75 PPG while logging just under 13 minutes of playing time in those contests. Following that miserable stretch, the forward put together his best games of the season, albeit against weaker competition. In back-to-back contests against Texas Southern and Portland State, MBA recorded a combined 41 points and 17 rebounds. Two games later, against Montana, he chipped in 10 points while hauling in a season-high 15 boards, one of only two double-doubles on the year. Over his next seven ballgames, Matthew was up and down. At his highest during that stretch, Bryan-Amaning went for 17 points and six rebounds against Stanford; at his lowest he went scoreless against Washington State in 18 minutes, and notched just four points and collected zero boards in 36 minutes against California.

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Brockman will never be forgotten

brockmannewThe day after Jon Brockman committed to the Washington Huskies, I read an article hyping his signing to an unfair degree.  Brockman, out of Snohomish High School, was supposed to be The Next Big Thing.  He was going to take a blossoming Washington ballclub to the next level.  He would immediately step in, team up with the likes of Brandon Roy, Bobby Jones, Mike Jensen, and Jamaal Williams — a core group of seniors — and help lead the Dawgs deep into the NCAA Tournament.  Brockman was the local prodigy who spurned Duke, a 6’7″ beast of a young man who would not only meet the lofty expectations placed on his bulky shoulders, but exceed them.

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On vacation

Orlando Mendez-Valdez
Orlando Mendez-Valdez

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “That crazy Husky fan went and committed suicide after the loss yesterday.”  Not true.  In fact, I’m alive and well, as are most of my Husky fan friends.  Disappointed, yes.  Sad, yes.  But still living (sorry Duck fans).

I was at the game in Portland, and have been on few emotional roller coaster rides like that before.  Purdue was the better team when all was said and done, and I give them a lot of credit for forcing the Huskies into their style of basketball.  Props to all the Boilermakers out there, your team is pretty damn good and made our team look foolish.

The game of the day, though, was the late contest in Portland, between Gonzaga and Western Kentucky.  As a Husky fan, the two contests were day and night.  Washington-Purdue was all defense; GU-WKU all offense.  What most of us took away from that game, though, can be summed up in two words, one hyphenated, one not: Orlando Mendez-Valdez.  The Western Kentucky combo guard is the absolute truth and I hope he gets a look in the league, he was amazing to watch.  Every time he touched the ball it went in, and by late in the second half he had brought the crowd to its feet cheering for him.  Great, great player.  WKU fans should be proud to have him.

Anyways, just wanted to get the word out that we’ll be keeping you updated in limited fashion over the next couple days.  Keep your eyes out for a bonus Top 11 in the coming days, and by Wednesday we’ll be back in full force.  It may not ring as loudly as a couple days ago, but Go Dawgs!

Professor Frink leads Purdue into battle

proffrinkhummelIf you’ve ever watched The Simpsons, you’re familiar with Professor Frink.  He’s the dorky looking poindexter (not “Pondexter”) in the white lab coat and Coke-bottle glasses.  He’s got a voice that will melt your pocket protector and he’s always teaming up with Lisa to warn the citizens of Springfield of impending doom.  Interestingly enough, he also plays basketball for Purdue University, who the Huskies will meet on Saturday in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

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