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Let’s Talk Podcasts

Podcasts are fun, right? Back in the day, we had a regular podcast at Sports Radio KJR, the inimitable Karate Emergency. Since then, our podcast sessions have been limited, but not on this particular day.

I had the pleasure of joining Casey McLain and Aaron Kirby as a guest on the Offspeed Podcast on Wednesday night. We talked Mariners (including both the Nelson Cruz and J.A. Happ acquisitions), Seahawks, Huskies, racist San Francisco 49ers fans, the evolution of 12s, semi-famous people from Montana, and Twitter behavior, among other things.

If you find yourself terribly bored with nothing better to do, feel free to listen in by clicking here.

And here’s a look at the two degenerates you’ll have the aural pleasure of hearing alongside yours truly:


Lorenzo Romar’s Free Pass


I was a 19-year-old freshman at the University of Washington the first time I met Lorenzo Romar. It was the evening before Valentine’s Day, 2004, and the Husky Men’s Basketball team was getting ready to square off against the hated Oregon Ducks.

In an attempt to encourage students to arrive a) early and b) en masse, the athletic department’s marketing staff held a pregame meet-and-greet with the head coach that also included … wait for it … FREE FOOD. A Qdoba taco bar was set up in an auxiliary gym and, not surprisingly, a good number of students showed up to sample the fare.

My buddy, Charlie, and I had been attending games the entire season, but up to this point crowds had been slow to follow us to Hec Edmundson Pavilion. A string of pivotal conference wins had sparked a renewed interest in the team, however, and the athletic department was looking for every opportunity to capitalize on the sudden success.

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Defeating the Ducks and Altering Adulthood

dog-on-duck-1My entire adulthood has been spent hating the Oregon Ducks. That day in 2004 when the Ducks beat Washington 31-6, kicking off a nine-year (and counting) win streak against the Huskies? That was my 20th birthday, October 30, 2004. Since then, the closest the Dawgs have come to knocking off their johnny-come-lately rivals is a 34-17 defeat at Husky Stadium in 2011. Suffice it to say a great deal of vitriol has been built up over nine years of losing.

Anytime an opponent waxes the floor with you for nearly a decade, it’s hard to tolerate just about anything having to do with that opponent’s existence. I’ve learned to loathe Oregon with a passion outweighing similar levels of disdain held for any other rival in any other city in any other sport. Nothing evokes pure disgust, pure detestation, pure revulsion quite like the University of Oregon. I don’t want to beat them every year; I want to destroy them. I want to run up the score on them. I want to embarrass them, to crush them, to make them look as inferior as inferior can be. And yet my team hasn’t supported me on this quest for a proverbial mountaintop borne out of spite. They, like so many others, have been unable to topple the mighty Ducks. And so each year as the annual matchup with our hated foes arrives, we sit here and stew in a cesspool of frustration, anger, and hope.

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UW Basketball Has Personal Touch

op53-11145This week’s issue of Sports Illustrated features an investigative case study into the world of college recruiting letters.

Using prep hoopster Roberto Nelson — a Top 100 member of the Class of 2009 — as their subject, SI examined the quantity and quality of the letters sent to today’s high school athlete. What they uncovered was revealing about the nature of college recruiting, and cast a light on certain institutions, as well.

Here are the basics:

-Nelson received 2,161 pieces of mail from 56 different athletic programs between his sophomore and senior years in high school.

-The University of Kentucky sent 295 individual mailings to Nelson; not one was personalized.

-Of the 56 programs that sent Nelson mail, only 18 of those programs personalized any of the material.

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Brockman Given A Great Opportunity In Sacramento

brockman2The Sacramento Kings are absolutely ugly at the forward position. That’s bad news if you’re a Kings fan, but great news if you happen to follow Jon Brockman. Naturally, you know which side of the fence we sit on.

The 2009-2010 Kings will feature a group of forwards that breaks down as follows:

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Jon Brockman Selected No. 38 Overall

Brockman would be reunited with former Husky Spencer Hawes if traded to Sacramento.
Brockman would be reunited with former Husky Spencer Hawes if traded to Sacramento.

Former University of Washington forward Jon Brockman was selected with the 38th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft by the Portland Trailblazers.

Currently, a trade is pending which would send Jon from Portland to Sacramento in exchange for former Arizona State University forward Jeff Pendergraph.

Portland and Sacramento were rumored to be two of the likeliest destinations for Brockman, and he will have an opportunity to become an impact player with either ballclub as a rookie.

On behalf of Seattle sports fans, congratulations to Jon!

Firing Ken Knutson Is Right Move

Ken Knutson managed the UW baseball team since 1993. (Baden Sports)
Ken Knutson managed the UW baseball team since 1993. (Baden Sports)

The team lacked a spark and the university knew it.

They failed to draw crowds, failed to make the postseason, failed to properly renovate an aging ballpark, and failed to land recruits that were leaving the area for greener pastures out of state. It was time for a change, and that change was made yesterday when University of Washington head baseball coach Ken Knutson was terminated after 17 seasons at the helm.

Though you never want to see anyone lose their job these days, Knutson had been underachieving for some time. His team was shut out of postseason play in each of the past five years. Two of those five seasons coincided with the rise of one of the greatest players in Washington history donning the Husky uniform. And even Tim Lincecum couldn’t carry this mediocre ballclub into the playoffs.

It didn’t help matters that Northwest rival Oregon State won back-to-back National Championships in 2006 and 2007, or that intrastate foe Washington State found their way to the NCAA Tournament this past season.

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