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Holiday Insanity: Day 3 in San Diego

At some point on the evening of Thursday, December 30th, I checked my Facebook notifications through my phone. I don’t know where I was, exactly, or what I happened to be doing at the time. I do know that the outcome of the Holiday Bowl had been decided and that the euphoria among the Husky faithful was still settling in. We were probably on the San Diego trolley, or perhaps already sitting in a bar. It was then that I read the comment that would inspire me to wake up at 8:30 this morning, jump in the shower, dress myself, pack up my laptop, and walk down the street in search of free wi-fi (shout out to the Mission Valley Doubletree, where they charge $15 a day for internet).

“The least you can do,” the comment read, “is go and get hammered and give us all a good story about it tomorrow.”

And by “it,” the commenter was referring to the purple-and-gold celebration that was in the process of ensuing at that very moment. Done and done.

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Eldridge Recasner: The Black Hugh Millen

Eldridge Recasner is a flippin’ genius. How this guy doesn’t have an everyday platform for his opinions is beyond me.

The former University of Washington guard — who played professionally in the NBA and overseas — is a weekly guest on the Husky Honks basketball show on 950 KJR AM.

Often outspoken and rarely reserved, Recasner is never afraid to say what needs to be said, good or bad, about his alma mater.

After witnessing his team put up three consecutive losses, Recasner let loose with a slew of comments about the Huskies on today’s radio broadcast, many of which are listed here on Percy Allen’s Husky Men’s Basketball Blog.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of Recasner’s finer points:

-Venoy Overton needs to start, based mainly on the fact that he’s a good defender while Abdul Gaddy is not. Gaddy helps out on the offensive end, but his offense is not needed within the framework of a starting lineup that already includes big-time scorers in Quincy Pondexter and Isaiah Thomas.

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The Ideal Baby

The ideal baby would of course be conceived by Hugh Millen and Nicole Zaloumis. Ken Griffey, Jr. would watch everything go down, just in case there was a problem.

Millen, naturally, would plant the seed. Zaloumis would accept.

Though it sounds easy, a fierce battle would rage during the conception process. While it is a known fact that Millen possesses the most potent corps of troops west of the Mississippi, it is not often revealed that Zaloumis drops eggs so powerful, they are rivaled only by the Death Star.

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You’ve Been Hughmillenated

A few new terms we’re introducing to your everyday vocabulary. For all the Seattle sports fans to utilize. Enjoy.

Hughmillenated (adj.): The act of getting your ass handed to you, verbally or physically, by former NFL quarterback Hugh Millen.

Ex. T.J. Houshmandzadeh was Hughmillenated.

Other forms:

Hughmillenation (n.): A state of shame, remorse, and embarrassment immediately following the act of being Hughmillenated; the aftermath of a Hugh Millen beatdown.

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Hugh Millen: National Hero

In case you haven’t noticed, the Hugh Millen vs. The Seahawks Receivers story has gained national attention in the past 24 hours. After we initially detailed the events shortly after they occurred, the story was picked up by Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times, before making it to the hallowed pages of ProFootballTalk.com. The consensus from all parties was clear: the Hawks receivers were more or less out of line, and Hugh Millen is a genius.

We’ve discussed Hugh Millen at length before, so you know where we stand. The man is the Moses of football analysts, and questioning his word is akin to telling untruths with your hand on the Bible. Why the trio of wideouts felt the need to issue a veritable gang raping of Football Moses is beyond me, but suffice it to say everyone hates them and, in turn, loves Hugh.

Hugh Millen is only one man, but damn if he hasn’t become the mouthpiece for Seattle’s football fans in the past few years. How many of us have wanted to confront T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Nate Burleson, and Deion Branch the way Hugh did yesterday? Housh is a highly-paid big mouth that has been nothing short of a bust this season; Burleson fits under the same umbrella as Housh, though over a longer term; and Branch has epitomized unfulfilled potential after arriving from New England in 2006. All three of these guys are failures when it comes to on-field performance.

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Hugh Millen vs. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Round 1

Listen to the Hugh-Housh fight by clicking here.

If you weren’t listening to 950 KJR AM around lunch hour this afternoon, you missed out on a rare opportunity to witness a member of the Seahawks exude passion this week.

It all began when regulars Nate Burleson and Deion Branch brought fellow wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh into the studio with them for their weekly show. Following their usual format, Branch and Burleson sat down for a cross-talk segment with midday host Dave ‘Softy’ Mahler before their show officially began.

A few minutes into their chat, frequent KJR contributor Hugh Millen joined the program via telephone and essentially littered the room with kerosene before lighting a match. (It should also be noted that Hugh Millen is close friends with Seahawks head coach Jim Mora, though that was not alluded to during the conversation.)

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