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2010 Breeders’ Cup Primer

*Editor’s note: For you horse racing fans out there, we welcome back guest columnist Marcus Schmidli, a local guru when it comes to equestrian sports. Check out his preview of this year’s Breeders’ Cup.

Long before pro and college football ever became the showcase sports in America that they currently are, two sports ruled the athletic landscape: boxing and horse racing. Those sports flourished because they attracted large amounts of money from gamblers years before Atlantic City and Las Vegas became the gambling strongholds they are today. To a large extent, boxing and horse racing have faded into the sunset. Then, someone came up with the crazy idea of the Breeders’ Cup and it gave race fans and sports fans a weekend to circle on their calendars each year.

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Transcendence, Greatness, and A Fan’s Passion For Sport

Editor’s note: Today we welcome a talented guest columnist in Marcus Schmidli, a  Seattle sports fan who shares his thoughts on the recent retirement of Rachel Alexandra, winner of the 2009 Preakness Stakes. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Horse racing. Not my cup of tea. But never have I met someone more passionate about the sport than Marcus. And while I am not a big horse racing fan, myself, Marcus’s unbridled love for the Sport of Kings compelled me. I asked him to write something, anything, for this site. His style is impeccable. Please check it out.

“As you know, despite top training and a patient campaign, Rachel Alexandra did not return to her 2009 form. I believe it’s time to retire our champion and reward her with a less stressful life. We are delighted that she will retire healthy and happy to our beautiful farm in Kentucky.” – Majority owner, Jess Jackson.

With those words, the powerful engine of the “Girl Power” era of horse racing came to an abrupt and thundering halt.

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