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Endorsing Hockey In Seattle

I’ll admit it. My knowledge of hockey is limited.

As a kid, the most hockey I was ever exposed to involved one Seattle Thunderbirds game, Gordon Bombay, roller blades, and a junior stick-and-pad set made by Franklin. I understood the gist of the game, but was lost on the nuances, the intricacies.

Compare that to my knowledge of baseball, basketball, and football, and it wasn’t even close. The big three sports were my Big Three, and hockey didn’t register. With the Mariners, Sonics, and Seahawks in town, I place the blame for my hockey ignorance squarely on the shoulders of the NHL and the City of Seattle.

Let’s face it. If we would have had our own NHL team, I would have supported them. I loved the Sonics. Loved the Mariners. Loved the Seahawks. A major league hockey team would have been no different.

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