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Adam Morrison Recovering From Sorely-Deserved Kick In The Pants

adammorrisoncryingUnless you happen to be the most punch-drunk Gonzaga Bulldogs fan around, it’s easy to hate Adam Morrison.

When he was in college, the former Zag had a penchant for knocking down frustratingly impossible shots, often displayed a bad attitude, threw tantrums, yelled at teammates and coaches, didn’t hustle, wouldn’t play defense, openly wept on a national stage, rarely showered (supposedly), and refused to shave the dirty sanchez on his upper lip. Add to that the greasy crop of hair he wouldn’t cut for five years and you pretty much had the most repulsive human being on the face of the planet.

Three years later, Adam Morrison is a Los Angeles Laker who has been humbled by injuries, unfortunate circumstances, and a trade.

He no longer wears his hair long, rarely lashes out at the people around him, makes an effort to play defense, and has learned that hard work and hustle is a requirement for a guy looking to get off the bench.

The out-of-place mustache is still there, and no word on whether he showers or not, but at least fans can now look at Morrison and feel something for the former first-round pick that they never felt before: compassion.

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Orlando Mendez-Valdez
Orlando Mendez-Valdez

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “That crazy Husky fan went and committed suicide after the loss yesterday.”  Not true.  In fact, I’m alive and well, as are most of my Husky fan friends.  Disappointed, yes.  Sad, yes.  But still living (sorry Duck fans).

I was at the game in Portland, and have been on few emotional roller coaster rides like that before.  Purdue was the better team when all was said and done, and I give them a lot of credit for forcing the Huskies into their style of basketball.  Props to all the Boilermakers out there, your team is pretty damn good and made our team look foolish.

The game of the day, though, was the late contest in Portland, between Gonzaga and Western Kentucky.  As a Husky fan, the two contests were day and night.  Washington-Purdue was all defense; GU-WKU all offense.  What most of us took away from that game, though, can be summed up in two words, one hyphenated, one not: Orlando Mendez-Valdez.  The Western Kentucky combo guard is the absolute truth and I hope he gets a look in the league, he was amazing to watch.  Every time he touched the ball it went in, and by late in the second half he had brought the crowd to its feet cheering for him.  Great, great player.  WKU fans should be proud to have him.

Anyways, just wanted to get the word out that we’ll be keeping you updated in limited fashion over the next couple days.  Keep your eyes out for a bonus Top 11 in the coming days, and by Wednesday we’ll be back in full force.  It may not ring as loudly as a couple days ago, but Go Dawgs!