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Personality, not steroids, will haunt A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez admitted to using steroids and I don’t care. Whether he used steroids or not, Alex Rodriguez is still one of the least likable baseball players of our generation and, even with his admission, I couldn’t care about him any less than I already do.

The former Mariner was accused of using banned substances during 2003 in a Sports Illustrated article that was released over the weekend. Earlier this morning, Rodriguez sat down with ESPN’s Peter Gammons and acknowledged that the allegations were true, going so far as to admit steroid use during 2001 and 2002, as well.

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The State of Seattle Sports

I was reading Sports Illustrated today when I came across an article titled “Sportspocalypse Now,” written by Chris Ballard. Depicting none other than our fair city, Ballard’s one-page essay was devoted to the sad state of athletics in Seattle. There was talk of the Sonics’ departure, naturally, as well as the trio of ineptitude in the forms of the Mariners, Seahawks, and Husky Football progam. Ballard went so far as to visit our city to fully immerse himself in the tragedy that is the Seattle sports scene.

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