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Join The SeattleSportsnet.com Group On Facebook!

Yeah, so, this is kind of tough for me to say. But after Facebook deleted my Seattle Sportsnet profile a while back, I kind of ignored those jerks for a while. I had about 4,000 friends when they axed my ass, and the number was growing every day. Having all those friends was pretty badass, I’m not gonna lie. Thanks for ruining it, Facebook.

Anyways, I finally lightened up to those bastards and created a Facebook group for the site. It’s entitled SeattleSportsnet.com and you can find it by clicking here. I could have made a fan page, but honestly, I was under the impression that Facebook had gotten rid of the capability to create fan pages. I was wrong about that. But they’ve basically buried fan pages deep within the context of their service, whereas groups are thrust in your face like a stripper’s booty.

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Facebook Deleted Me (Seattle Sportsnet Dislikes This)

I’ve had a Seattle Sportsnet Facebook profile for nearly two years now. Today, Facebook deleted that profile and told me to shove it.

Ah, well, these things happen. I’m in the process of acquiring the rights to my Seattle Sportsnet fan page through my personal Facebook account, which can be accessed using the badge to the right. For those of you who don’t know right from left, right is this way ——————-> I try to be helpful where I can.

I’ve basically made the executive decision to open up my personal Facebook profile to all of you readers. There were nearly 4,000 of you who were chatting it up with me under the Seattle Sportsnet profile, and I enjoyed every minute of the conversations we had. Seriously. The first thoughts that entered my mind when Facebook told me to take a hike were, “Well, we had a good run,” and “Damn, I’m gonna miss all those connections I’ve made with people.” It sucks, but it happens.

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Facebook findings, MIPs, nostalgic images, and other digressions

ronkittleHoly crapola, Ron Kittle is on Facebook! If you collected baseball cards as a kid like I did, you may very well know that Ron Kittle is a former Major League Baseball player who, in his heyday, was regarded as a power hitter with an inability to hit for average.  Baseball Reference compares Kittle favorably with the Steve Balbonis of our world, which is no compliment.

Anyways, long story short, Ron Kittle is our friend on Facebook, and he’s not the only semi-famous person we’ve made an acquaintance with recently.  We’ve also hooked it up with Mariner broadcaster Dave Sims (a true American hero); ESPN college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb;  current Major Leaguers Jack Cust, Corey Patterson, Chad Billingsley, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and others; Seattle’s own Felix Hernandez; quarterback Matt Leinart; journalists Peter Gammons and Jeff Pearlman; and even Sportscenter anchor and former KIRO TV sportscaster Linda Cohn.  You can find us on Facebook HERE.

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