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Defeating the Ducks and Altering Adulthood

dog-on-duck-1My entire adulthood has been spent hating the Oregon Ducks. That day in 2004 when the Ducks beat Washington 31-6, kicking off a nine-year (and counting) win streak against the Huskies? That was my 20th birthday, October 30, 2004. Since then, the closest the Dawgs have come to knocking off their johnny-come-lately rivals is a 34-17 defeat at Husky Stadium in 2011. Suffice it to say a great deal of vitriol has been built up over nine years of losing.

Anytime an opponent waxes the floor with you for nearly a decade, it’s hard to tolerate just about anything having to do with that opponent’s existence. I’ve learned to loathe Oregon with a passion outweighing similar levels of disdain held for any other rival in any other city in any other sport. Nothing evokes pure disgust, pure detestation, pure revulsion quite like the University of Oregon. I don’t want to beat them every year; I want to destroy them. I want to run up the score on them. I want to embarrass them, to crush them, to make them look as inferior as inferior can be. And yet my team hasn’t supported me on this quest for a proverbial mountaintop borne out of spite. They, like so many others, have been unable to topple the mighty Ducks. And so each year as the annual matchup with our hated foes arrives, we sit here and stew in a cesspool of frustration, anger, and hope.

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A Flagging Concern

cougflagThis is stupid. Everyone is getting worked up over a goddamn flag. And not some flag that speaks to a powerful political agenda or anything like that. A stupid, stupid flag that bears the logo of Washington State University.

Now don’t get me wrong. I get why people are a little testy over this flag. Fact is, Cougars and Huskies are conditioned to despise each other. We’re rivals. It’s alleged that we don’t get along. And so it’s understandable why Husky fans, like myself, would bristle at the thought of Cougar fans raising their big, ugly flag on the Washington campus come Saturday morning, flying it in honor of a tradition (a tradition that’s been made fun of, mind you) that’s lasted a decade on the set of ESPN Gameday.

I’ll admit I’ve gone back and forth on this issue. At first I thought it’d be humorous to needle the Cougs a bit, stir up some shit and make them lose a little sleep while they pondered how, exactly, they’d get that flag safely onto campus later this week. But then I saw the unadulterated hate that flowed from the keyboards of Husky fans over this flag, fans who were prepared to all but kill people over menial garbage. Likewise, a good number of these very same, very angry Husky fans have gone and wished ill will unto other Husky fans because those Husky fans, you see, aren’t prepared to throw down in fisticuffs over, again, a flag.

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I Love You, Rece Davis

Take a look at Rece Davis’ official review of ESPN Gameday’s trip to Seattle last weekend.

Any guy who refuses to call Hec Ed by its “corporate name” is fine by me. Sorry, Bank of America.

And has there ever been anyone more complimentary, in print, of our city?

I always liked Rece Davis. Now I love him.

Somebody send this guy a bag of granola and a North Face fleece. Honorary Seattleite for life.

SSN On KJR, Plus Gameday Buzz

Good news, Husky fans!

ESPN College Gameday has created a Facebook event for this Saturday’s Washington-UCLA game, and they’ve asked me to get you informed.

The party starts at 7:00 AM on Saturday, and all ESPN asks is that you spread the word to as many people as possible to get them to RSVP to the event and to show up to the real thing at Hec Ed on gameday.

Also, be sure to tune in to 950 KJR AM on Friday night as I join Brian Abker and discuss Saturday’s game. We’re tentatively scheduled to chat around 7:20 PM, and we’ll be joined later on by a few special guests.

This is a HUGE day for the University of Washington and the entire Husky fan base, so make sure to keep all your friends up to date on this event!

Go Dawgs!

ESPN Desperately Needs Dawg Pack To “Do Something Special”

Click here to watch Rece Davis’ Gameday shoutout to UW

There’s no getting around the fact that Saturday’s men’s basketball game between the Huskies and the UCLA Bruins isn’t nearly as anticipated as it was six months ago.

The Huskies haven’t lived up to their early-season hype (going winless on the road until last Saturday will do that to you), and the Bruins have been a young team struggling to find their rhythm all year long.

ESPN probably wasn’t counting on such a lightly-heralded matchup when they scheduled their Gameday crew to appear live from Hec Edmundson Pavilion on the day of the contest.

But, as is the case, the Gameday crew will be broadcasting from the home of the Dawgs all day on Saturday and are doing anything and everything they can to generate excitement for this matchup. Which leads us to the above video.

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