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Adios, Ernesto

Dear Ernesto,

Today is a sad day. It marks the end of a beautiful relationship that we shared together. The University of Washington students and you, Ernie Kent, head coach of the Oregon Ducks and our greatest adversary.

A foe unlike any other, you proved yourself worthy of our animosity, our scorn, our jokes, and our begrudging respect all at the same time.

You were a stubborn man, but not without conviction. Our tumultuous working relationship, in fact, began as a result of your headstrong attitude.

Back in 2005,  you decided you wanted our student section relocated to your personal liking. The Dawg Pack, you argued, should not breathe down the necks of opposing ballclubs. The Dawg Pack, you reasoned, would be better situated across the court, or at least along the baselines.

You even went so far as to petition the Pac-10 with your proposal. Unfortunately for you (and fortunately for us), they shot you down. Legend has it that then-Arizona head coach Lute Olson stood up on our behalf, praising the Washington student section and insisting that we not be moved.

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The Official Ernie Kent Caption Contest

Back in the day, Ernie Kent caption contests were a fun way to pass the time on Husky fan forums and message boards. Now, we invite you to participate in the inaugural EKCC on the pages of SeattleSportsnet.

The rules are simple: We give you an image of Ernesto, you type a caption to go along with the image in the comments section. Best caption wins. In the process, everyone has a great time and gets a good laugh.

Here’s your image, sent to us by loyal reader Michael L.:

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We’ll Always Have Mexico

Eh, I'd say she was about a cuatro. Maybe a cinco if she lost a few pounds.

Scene: Oregon player commits a foul, looks at Coach Ernesto, and gives him the “I didn’t commit a foul at all!” look. Ernesto, in response to his player’s action, barks at the ref.

Fan A: He’s lying to you, Ernie! He committed the foul! Honesty starts from the top down, it starts with the coach! Honesty is the best policy!

Fan B: That was for Mrs. Kent.

Crowd: Ooooohhh….

Don’t need to name any names here, but that sequence was really uttered by Dawg Pack members today, and I figured it would lighten the mood a little bit.

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