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Why We Love Steve Spurrier (Hint: Because We Hate Tim Tebow)

stevespurrierSimply put, we love Steve Spurrier because he didn’t vote for that attention whore of a bastard Tim Tebow for All-SEC preseason first team QB.

Spurrier claims it was a mistake, but I’d say it was his subconscious coming through to make the right decision.

And now Americans everywhere are in an outrage. Especially ESPN, which cannot BELIEVE, cannot FATHOM, cannot COMPREHEND why someone, ANYONE, would not vote for Lord Tebow for any award that he could capture. This is quite possibly the gravest injustice in the history of mankind.

Now Bristol’s finest are forced to take the airwaves in absolute solemnity, as if someone has just died or something.

There’s Robert Flores shaking his chubby face in pure disdain for Spurrier’s actions.

Now here comes Jay Harris with a torch, ready to burn Spurrier’s home to the ground.

Here’s Tony Kornheiser so irate over Tebow-Votegate that he just invented a new word to fully express his anger as he talked over PTI co-host Mike Wilbon for the one-billionth time: “Frumbobulated.”

Hell hath no fury like ESPN on a day when Tim Tebow has been wronged.

We need to get King Tebow’s take on this slight ASAP. Where’s Erin Andrews when you need her? Oh, right.

2009 Bigger Dance: Great Taste Region

Refaeli-Andrews Contest Highlights Region

erinandrews2It’s Erin Andrews’ year.  We’re just going to go ahead and say it.

ESPN’s sideline reporter extraordinaire needs to win, deserves to win, and should win her first round matchup with supermodel Bar Refaeli.

Of course, getting past the 2009 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover model will be no easy task.  But if anyone is up for it, it’s Andrews, who has the zesty type of personality that both men and women can adore.

This is Andrews’ third appearance in the Bigger Dance, and she’s been the victim of tough matchups in each of those years.

In 2007, while still a relative unknown, Andrews crumbled before country singing sensation Carrie Underwood in her first round game.

In ’08, she met Alessandra Ambrosio in the opening round, and met a similar fate as the year before.

Now, in 2009, she’s out to prove that she’s no ugly stepsister. This is Cinderella’s year, and the slipper fits Erin Andrews.

Breaking down the rest of the region:

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