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Believe in Moderation

believebig2Remember 2010? It will forever be etched in time as the Seattle Mariners’ “Believe Big” year. Believing big didn’t really work out the way everyone hoped, but the optimism was warranted. Coming off a promising 2009 campaign in which the team posted an 85-77 win-loss mark, the ’09-’10 offseason was full of giddiness and excitement.

Neglecting the various warts in a lineup pockmarked by over-performers and aging veterans, the M’s front office pulled off two major moves that offseason. The first came on December 8th, 2009 in the form of diminutive free agent infielder Chone Figgins. The Mariners inked Figgins to a (ugh) four-year contract that day, then waited just eight more days before pulling off their next big move. On December 16th, the team acquired starting pitcher Cliff Lee from Philadelphia for a hodgepodge of middling prospects. The move was heralded as a franchise-changer, the type that would take the organization from okay to great. With Lee and Felix Hernandez, the Mariners would be unstoppable. Never mind the fact that, assuming both aces stayed healthy, the duo would appear in just 40-percent of the team’s games. This was it! This was the Mariners’ year!

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Prematurely Grading The M’s Off-Season Acquisitions

Because it’s never too early to hand out progress reports.

*Editor’s note: The following list only applies to players who have logged Major League service time thus far in 2010. Likewise, players who were re-signed to contracts (i.e. Ken Griffey Jr., Mike Sweeney, etc.) are not considered. This report card is solely designed to assess the play of new offseason acquisitions.

Player: Milton Bradley

How acquired: Via trade with the Chicago Cubs, in exchange for pitcher Carlos Silva.

2010 salary: $11,000,000

Grade: D-

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“Beach Cruiser” Byrnes Resurfaces In Rec Softball League

Not a week after he was released by the Seattle Mariners, Eric Byrnes has resurfaced with a new team in a new city: Dutch Goose, a Bay Area rec league softball team owned by Byrnes’ longtime friends.

The 34-year-old told MLB.com about his newest ballclub, and also went on record as saying that he feels he has played his last major league game. Byrnes now plans to devote himself to a family-owned clothing company, as well as explore opportunities in sports broadcasting. The ex-outfielder once hosted his own radio show and has worked for Fox during the network’s coverage of postseason baseball.

And then of course there’s the softball team.

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We Need You, Eric Byrnes

The other day I happened to be watching the Mariners play in Chicago when a White Sox hitter sent a deep fly ball to left field.

The screaming liner was headed towards the corner, hooking towards the foul line, when left fielder Eric Byrnes came hustling over and made a last-ditch effort to secure the flying object by diving face first into the warning track.

He fell just short of his target, but no matter. In this case, it was the effort that told the story.

That Byrnes was able to pick himself up in one piece was a victory in and of itself. The double that resulted in the aftermath of the play was barely worth a second thought.

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