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Eldridge Recasner: The Black Hugh Millen

Eldridge Recasner is a flippin’ genius. How this guy doesn’t have an everyday platform for his opinions is beyond me.

The former University of Washington guard — who played professionally in the NBA and overseas — is a weekly guest on the Husky Honks basketball show on 950 KJR AM.

Often outspoken and rarely reserved, Recasner is never afraid to say what needs to be said, good or bad, about his alma mater.

After witnessing his team put up three consecutive losses, Recasner let loose with a slew of comments about the Huskies on today’s radio broadcast, many of which are listed here on Percy Allen’s Husky Men’s Basketball Blog.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of Recasner’s finer points:

-Venoy Overton needs to start, based mainly on the fact that he’s a good defender while Abdul Gaddy is not. Gaddy helps out on the offensive end, but his offense is not needed within the framework of a starting lineup that already includes big-time scorers in Quincy Pondexter and Isaiah Thomas.

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