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Three Words To Describe Golden Tate: Talented, Hard-Working, Criminal

I like Golden Tate.

When the Seahawks first drafted him about a month ago, I didn’t think I’d like him that much. The dude had single-handedly destroyed the Huskies over the years (with a little help from Casey Clausen’s kid brother, I suppose), and because I’d heard so much about him in the media during his time at Notre Dame, he almost had that prima donna reputation that can a follow a talented young player around. Call it the Tebow Effect, or something along those lines.

In the weeks since he officially became a Seahawk, Tate has done quite a bit to earn my respect.

First off, he’s been attending organized team activities (OTAs) despite not having a signed a contract yet. That takes guts. It’s like working for free, with no insurance policy, no safety net, nothing. Every fan should be applauding that move.

Second, early reports from camp on Tate have all been favorable. The consensus opinion is that the Seahawks got a steal in the second round with the former Fighting Irish wideout. And that pleases me. Because the Hawks don’t really have anyone on their roster that has proven to be a true No. 1 receiver in the NFL. But Tate, by all indications, could be just that.

More than anything else, however, the thing that has endeared me to Tate most of all is his penchant for doughnuts, which in turn has led him to a life of crime. Seriously.

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