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Hawks follow up strong Saturday with frustrating Sunday

Deon Butler
Deon Butler

Let’s cut through the crap.

One day after hitting a metaphorical grand slam with the first two rounds of the NFL Draft, the Seahawks responded in the final five rounds by striking out. Or getting hit by a pitch, at the very best.

Here’s what went down, in chronological, no bullshit order:

  • The Hawks kick off the day by trading away a 2009 fifth-round pick, 2009 seventh-round pick, and 2010 third-round pick for the right to move up in the third round and draft WR Deon Butler. Butler is a 5’10”, 180 pound speedster in the mold of a quicker Deion Branch. Good, yes, but not exactly filling a need on this current ballclub.
  • Already without a fourth-round pick, and having just traded away their fifth-rounder, the Hawks have to wait until round six before their next selection. With that pick, they draft Rutgers QB Mike Teel. Not exactly Mark Sanchez, and again, a seemingly wasted need on this current ballclub. This is David Greene all over again, but worse. Teel will be lucky to secure the third QB slot.
  • With three compensatory selection in the seventh round, the Hawks draft Rutgers S Courtney Greene, Oregon (ugh) DE Nick Reed, and Cal TE Cameron Morrah. Nothing to write home about.

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