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The Ringless Wonders

shermantrophyOut of curiosity, I dialed up the San Francisco 49ers ticket office Sunday night. I wanted to see if their phones, like their franchise, would quit after five rings, too. Alas, the hotline was designed to operate much like the Niners of 2014 — and of each of the prior 19 seasons, as well — going straight to a pre-recorded message and resulting, however unfortunately, in no rings.

As many are well aware, the world has been reminded numerous times over the course of this season that the Seattle Seahawks, unlike the mighty 49ers, have amassed a total of zero rings, zero Lombardi Trophies, zero Super Bowl titles throughout their 37-year existence. Niner fans love to bring up the past in that regard, not only because the days of yore are where all of their success lies, but in turn because the past, you see, allegedly has some bearing on the present in today’s NFL. The Seahawks of right now, ringless wonders that they are, are somehow inferior to all those title teams of years gone by because, you know, SCIENCE.

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Jay Cutler needs to unbunch his panties and grow up


Jay Cutler formally demanded a trade today, and it’s a travesty.  I’m not a Bronco fan, nor am I anti-Jay Cutler, but this is getting ridiculous.  Cutler has been upset with the way Denver has treated him all offseason, and I can understand why.  First, his name was brought up in trade rumors for ex-Patriot QB Matt Cassel.  Cutler, who up until this point has been considered a franchise cornerstone, was miffed as to why Denver would want to part ways with him.  Understandable.  He quickly sought answers of new head coach Josh McDaniels, a former New England assistant coach who still, apparently, had a soft spot for Cassel.  McDaniels mishandled the situation, first speaking with Cutler over conference call, then finally meeting with the quarterback over the weekend.  In both instances, each party walked away less than enamored with the results.

So here we are today.  Cutler is still upset and throwing a hissyfit about it.  Like I said, I can understand why he’s frustrated with the situation, but that doesn’t justify his behavior.  This is the NFL, and it’s a business.  This isn’t Peewee Leagues, or high school, or even college.  You can be dropped by your employer at any time, for any reason.  This is the real world, Jay, not Cutlertopia.  Continue reading Jay Cutler needs to unbunch his panties and grow up