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What Is Mainstream Media?

deadspinI was reading this article when I came across an interesting fact that turns the tables on “mainstream media.” Here’s the quote:

“One of the favored criticisms of blogs in general by “mainstream” media is that blogs lack accountability. Backing into this, the definition of “mainstream” is entirely out of whack by those who toss it around. In August, [online sports blog] Deadspin had 22 million page views. On Wednesday alone, the site had over one million. If Deadspin is not “mainstream,” then virtually every newspaper site in the country is outside the mainstream as well. So are most television shows on cable, virtually every print newspaper in the country, and just about every radio show on Earth. So Deadspin rests squarely in the middle of the stream, occasionally urinating in the water as it goes past perhaps, but squarely in that stream.”

The author of this quip is a former Deadspin.com editor who attempts to provide some insight into the debate between “mainstream” media and the blogosphere, generally thought of as the un-mainstream, if you can call it that.

It’s funny, but mainstream media is actually taking a back seat to the un-mainstream these days and it makes you wonder what we really consider to be mainstream. Do we consider the newspaper that we occasionally read mainstream? Or do we think of our favorite blogs, which we check every hour, as mainstream?

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Julius Jones Will Rip Off Your Gonads And Shove Them Down Your Throat (aka The World Hates Seattle)

Seahawks Camp FootballIf you need another excuse to hate people who hate you, just go ahead and read this.

This is a writeup by a reader of the sports satire site Deadspin.com explaining why the Seattle Seahawks — and our entire city, for that matter — sucks.

The author goes by the name “Kevin K.” and is apparently from Canada. Hmm. I thought they were a passive people.

Anyways, the guy pulls no punches in his criticism of our fair city, and even goes so far as to point out Seattle’s “superiority complex.” What, like being better than you should go unrecognized or something?

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