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Lorenzo Romar’s Free Pass


I was a 19-year-old freshman at the University of Washington the first time I met Lorenzo Romar. It was the evening before Valentine’s Day, 2004, and the Husky Men’s Basketball team was getting ready to square off against the hated Oregon Ducks.

In an attempt to encourage students to arrive a) early and b) en masse, the athletic department’s marketing staff held a pregame meet-and-greet with the head coach that also included … wait for it … FREE FOOD. A Qdoba taco bar was set up in an auxiliary gym and, not surprisingly, a good number of students showed up to sample the fare.

My buddy, Charlie, and I had been attending games the entire season, but up to this point crowds had been slow to follow us to Hec Edmundson Pavilion. A string of pivotal conference wins had sparked a renewed interest in the team, however, and the athletic department was looking for every opportunity to capitalize on the sudden success.

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What Has Happened to Husky Basketball? The Three Biggest Issues Facing This Team and Where The Dawgs Go From Here

romarThe Washington’s men’s basketball team isn’t very good right now. Five games into a new season and they’ve already lost three times. They more closely resemble the Seattle Mariners than any other local ballclub these days and fans are pulling their collective hair out watching this squad play.

What the hell happened? This team used to be great. Head coach Lorenzo Romar used to pull in top-10 recruiting classes, used to guide his team to the NCAA Tournament on a regular basis, used to sit atop the conference as a perennial power each season. And then suddenly, it all changed.

Back-to-back down years have the Huskies in a precarious position. A third season of less-than-stellar performance seems to be on the horizon. Fans are questioning the direction of the program and answers — How? Why? — seem to be at an all-time low.

There’s hope for this team, certainly, but there are a number of obstacles blocking the path to achievement. The three biggest issues for the Huskies? We’ve compiled them right here.

Issue No. 1: Recruiting

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Here’s Some Good Sports Writing…

A big thanks to Josh Liebeskind for writing this article about the Dawg Pack and yours truly. I’m no expert on journalism, but if I was in charge of handing out Pulitzers, well, I’d at least consider Josh’s story.

Seriously, though, I’m flattered to have this…thing…I used to do featured in the newspaper of my alma mater. Makes all those classes I skipped (and the two extra years of undergraduate education, my Redshirt and Medical Redshirt years, as I like to refer to them) totally worth it.

Couldn’t be more appreciative of the opportunity to sit down and talk with an up-and-coming writer about the goofy things in my past. Please give the article a read if you get a chance. Thanks!

Scott Woodward Could Learn A Thing or Two (Or Maybe Just One) from Todd Turner

Back when I was an undergrad at Washington, our athletic director was a guy by the name of Todd Turner. Skinny dude, glasses, kinda poindexterish. You may remember him.

Anyway, Turner resigned (read: got canned) in January, 2008 after four years on the job. He had presided over the worst era of Husky football in the program’s storied lineage, and as we all know, football drives the ship at most D-I schools.

When it came to the gridiron, Turner’s tenure was an epic failure for two big reasons.

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Crying Is Winning, The Dawg Pack, And Other Digressions

It’s Sunday. I haven’t really written anything in a while. I’ve been off fighting technology like Tron. My computer has been a complete and abysmal wreck over the past few days. Like Charlie Sheen, basically. When I get all this sh*t straightened out, I’m going to name my laptop “Charlie Sheen.” No, wait, eff that. I’m naming it “Rick Vaughn”. Even better. And if you get a piece of it, I’ll let you rename it.

(Major League II quote.)

So what have I missed? Quite a bit, in fact. So rather than stick to one topic in this soon-to-be-diatribe, I’d rather discuss multiple things. Like Bill Simmons does. Except without all the self-effacing letters from readers. Without further ado…

Topic No. 1: Crying in sports

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The Three-Day Progression of Derrick Williams’ Twitter Account

Whether you “get” Twitter or not, you’ll enjoy this.

This is a three-day glance at the Twitter account of one Derrick Williams (@bigdthatsme23), power forward for the University of Arizona (men’s) basketball team.

Beginning on Tuesday, January 18th, Williams began Tweeting smack talk towards the University of  Washington in snippets of 140 characters or less.

By the evening of Thursday, January 20th, Williams had humbly devoured all of his characters (i.e. eaten his words) after the Huskies defeated the Wildcats by a score of 85-68.

Join us on this journey as we witness the progression of Williams’ epic fail.

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My Unsolicited Advice To The Dawg Pack

Dear Dawg Pack,

You’ve been getting picked on a lot lately, and I don’t like it. University of Washington message boards are overflowing with venom directed at you. Alums are bored by your antics. Kim Grinolds over at Dawgman.com even has a post-game grading system for you guys. And sadly, he just gave you an “F” for your performance against Long Beach State.

Frankly, if this whole experience has taught us anything, it’s that a fan base can actually be as compelling as the team they support. Because this “down year” in the Pack is becoming a story line unto itself. And that’s a testament to how far we’ve come to this point.

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