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Dawg Pack Dirt: Florida International University

Dawg Pack Dirt, Volume 5, Issue 3, Florida International University, November 20th, 2008

By Nate Taggart and Aaron Bean

Good job against Cleveland State Dawg Pack! You all saw what happens when we get excited and what happens when we get the life sucked out of us. We just need to keep the intensity for the entire game instead of waiting for the team to go on a run like they did. But good job overall and I’m sure all of you feel as I good as I do to see a Washington team win a game.

*Additional Note: This year, a Dawg Pack member came up with a little bit of a different idea for the Oregon game which is traditionally our annual Mexican Heritage Night in honor of Oregon coach, Ernie Kent’s, fondness for the country to our south. Last year we got criticized a little bit by the media for doing the same thing over again so this year we’ve decided that we think it’s time for another vacation for Ernie Kent and that’s why we’re going to host International Day and act as Coach Kent’s travel agents. This means that we need to get flags from a bunch of countries and any other items that you guys think would identify with a foreign country. We want to have a melting pot of countries to try and help Ernie decide where he wants to go. The game is on February 14th so this means that we have to start preparing now by buying flags, other items that can represent other countries, and thinking of ideas for signs and chants. Anyone that still has Mexican stuff should definitely bring it too because it is his favorite destination, after all.

On to this week’s game…

The Game:

Florida International Golden Panthers at Washington Huskies in the O’Reilly Auto Parts CBE Classic tournament

-Thursday, November 20th, 2008 @ 7:00 p.m.

-Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion

The Team:

-The Florida International Golden Panthers make their home in the Sun Belt Conference which sent South Alabama and Western Kentucky to the NCAA Tournament last year and Western Kentucky won its first round game against Drake on a memorable buzzer beater.

-FIU went 9-20 last season and are picked to finish at the bottom of the Sun Belt again this year despite Coach Sergio Rouco’s optimism that this will be a turnaround year which may be the case because the Golden Panthers are returning 4 starters including their top 2 scorers from a season ago.

-The Golden Panthers are 2-0 after beating Eastern Kentucky in the last minute and after beating Monmouth handily.

-FIU truly is an international university as is evidenced by the fact that they have players and a coach that hail from 9 different countries. (USA, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Lithuania, Serbia, Cameroon, Senegal, Cuba and Canada.)

The Players:

-Fr. G #23 Harley Fuller has an interesting past in that all signs point to the fact that he used to be in a semi-successful high school band called East Avenue. You can listen to their high pitched male voices at www.myspace.com/eastavenue. Maybe we can get him to sing his hit song, “7 Deadly Sins” for us. Once again, I’m not 100% sure that this is him but all signs point to yes.

-Fr. F/C #1 Freddy Asprilla left us his cell phone number. Program it in your phones: (305) 975-0250. Hold off on calling him until the game because it’s always best to see someone’s reaction the first time they hear they phone number being chanted by a bunch of fans that live 3,000 miles away. If you guys do choose to call him make sure you keep it clean and fun. We don’t want to resemble Oregon in any way.

-Jr. F #15 Nikola Gacesa likes to throw up the threes despite a 3P% of 29%. MOVE CLOSER!

-Sr. C #31 Badara Ndiaye from Senegal somehow managed to shoot 32% from the field last year even though he’s 6’ 11”. I don’t know how much closer he can get given that he’s a center. Oh, and he’s almost guaranteed to get a turnover for every basket he makes.

-So. G Nick ‘NcLovin’ Taylor last year shot 17% from the field, 42% from the line, and 17% from behind the arc and isn’t doing much better this year despite already doubling his play time. Oh, and he calls himself NcLovin.


Dawg Pack Dirt: Cleveland State University

“Dawg Pack Dirt” is an idea that originated in 2004 when SSN writer Alex Akita began producing info sheets on Husky Men’s Basketball opponents for students in the Dawg Pack student section. Now in its fifth year of production, “Dawg Pack Dirt” is presently being produced and distributed by current UW students and Dawg Pack members Nate Taggart and Aaron Bean. “Dawg Pack Dirt” is meant to provide fans with points of emphasis for the game, including information on the team, as well as individual players. The section focusing on individual players is often geared towards the student section and facilitates creative chants and fan involvement throughout the game. We will posting the Dirt on the morning of each Husky home game for fans to enjoy.

Dawg Pack Dirt, Volume 5, Issue 2, Cleveland State University, November 18th, 2008
By Nate Taggart and Aaron Bean

The Game:

-Cleveland State University at University of Washington in the O’Reilly Auto Parts CBE Classic Tournament

-Tuesday November 18, 2008 @ 7:00 p.m.

-Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion

The Team:

-The Cleveland State Vikings make their home in the Horizon League which is home to teams like Butler and Valparaiso who made the NCAA and CBI tournaments last year, respectively.

-The 0-1 Dawgs face off against the 1-0 Cleveland State Vikings on Tuesday in the first game of the CBE Classic. The Vikings beat Oakland on Saturday night, rallying to a 58-55 win in the last 3 minutes after trailing the entire game.

-The Vikings are a coming off of a turnaround season with a 21-13 record and an RPI of 63 after losing 20 games the previous year and not breaking the 200 mark in RPI in the last 5 years. They received their first bid to a postseason tournament since 1988 last season when they were invited to the NIT where they lost in the first round to Dayton.

-Cleveland State is predicted by pretty much all of the experts to win the Horizon League this year over perennial favorite, Butler.

-The Vikings returned four of their starters for the 2008-2009 campaign and in those returners lies their two-man show of F J’Nathan Bullock and G Cedric Jackson. Both players averaged over 10 PPG last year with 14.8 and 13.9 PPG, respectively. Nobody else on the team nears the production numbers of their senior leaders.

Here are the ESPN Blue Ribbon Pre-Season Grades for both teams:

Backcourt: B
Bench/Depth: B-
Frontcourt: B
Intangibles: B+

Cleveland State:
Backcourt: B+
Bench/Depth: B
Frontcourt: B+
Intangibles: A

The Players:

-So. G #2 Eric Schiele is the team’s garbage time player, scoring 1 point and going 0-5 from the field last year in 7 minutes of playing time.

-Fr. F #20 Charlie “C-Woods” Woods would like to be reached at cwoods_cwoods@yahoo.com. He claims that he is both right and left handed so when he’s missing shots in warm-ups, you know what to do.

-Fr. G #22 Josh McCoy does a really good Barack Obama as is evidenced by his pictures from Halloween. Ask him about it.

-RS. Fr. F #23 Daitwan “Twan” Eppinger would also like to be reached on his AIM at twanbasketball23.

-So. G #30 Norris Cole shot a blistering 24% from beyond the arc going 10-42 and 38% from the field last year but still earned the role of 6th Man and earned a lot of play time for his efforts.

-So. G #32 D’Aundray Brown must be friends with our buddy “Too Hard Too Guard” from last year as he calls himself “Best Kept Secret.” Seems pretty obsessed with the fact that he’s from the 330 (Youngstown, OH). I don’t really know anything bad about Youngstown but I’m sure we could find something.

-Sr. F #45 Renard Fields better be practicing his free throws during pre-game. He only shot 42% from the line last season.

-Fr. F #50 Ethan Anderson somehow finds himself on a collegiate basketball court after one year of high school basketball. Supposedly he is a very accomplished high school tennis player.