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Hot Mic Catches Mariners Broadcaster Speaking the Truth


It’s not often during a ballgame you hear a broadcaster say exactly what every fan happens to be thinking.

Lucky for us, a hot microphone and an abrupt return from commercial break caught Mariners announcer Dave Sims in a moment of sheer honesty.

Shortly after M’s left fielder Norichika Aoki unleashed a hideous throw to home plate that sailed all the way to the backstop, Sims had this to say on the ROOT Sports broadcast:

Aoki’s defense rivals that of only James Harden, and his throwing arm would play better at the Little League World Series, so it isn’t surprising to hear someone lament his shortcomings in the field.

And in the end, the terrible throw proved fairly inconsequential, as the Mariners were shut out by the New York Yankees 5-0.

Still, it was pretty awesome hearing a guy paid to watch the team speak the truth, if even for a split second.

Go Sims. Go M’s.

The Top 22 Mariners Promotional Ideas Gone Wrong


It’s like two Top 11 lists in one!

22. Danny Farquhar Disappointing Growth Chart Day

Guess what, kids. You’re probably not going to grow to be 6’10” like Chris Young, or even 6’3” like Felix Hernandez. More than likely you’ll stand about 5’9” or so, which is both the average height of the American male and the exact listed height of reliever Danny Farquhar. We’re not here to lie to you or falsely inflate your hopes. Instead, we’ll just give you this disappointing Farquhar growth chart and watch you blossom into a really mediocre adult.

21. Cole Gillespie “Guess Which of These Guys Is Actually A Mariner” Night

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Your 2011 Seattle Mariners Nickname Guide

The 2011 baseball season is nearly upon us and, lo and behold, you have no idea who half the guys on the Mariners’ roster are. Lucky for you, we do. We don’t just recognize the new faces, though. We’re here to offer more than that.

Over the years, we’ve gotten to know the team’s broadcasters pretty well. Dave Sims, Rick Rizzs, Ron Fairly (he’ll be back in the booth this year, filling in for the late, great Dave Niehaus). We also have a pretty good idea of how this trio of voices will refer to the new crop of M’s. But you may not. Which is why we’re here to bring you your 2011 Seattle Mariners Nickname Guide. Don’t thank us. It’s all part of the job.


Player: Dan Cortes

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Cortesy

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Dan Cortes

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Hernando Cortez

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