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Marshawn Lynch’s Mom is on the #FireBevell Bandwagon

Good news! If you’re one of the many Seahawks fans who would like to see someone other than current offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell calling plays, Marshawn Lynch’s mother agrees with you.

Mama Lynch posted the following diatribe on her public Facebook profile on Monday night:


I guess it might be time to gas up the #FireBevell bandwagon once again.

The Lucky and the Good: The Bright Side of a Seahawks Nail-Biter

avrilGood teams win games like the one the Seahawks won on Monday. Regardless of the opponent, the venue, the spread, the conditions, or any other hurdle one could dream up, good teams – championship-contending teams – prove victorious in adverse contests.

It’s important to remember that fact, because over the course of three hours on Monday evening, fans of Seattle’s football team conveyed the entire gamut of negative emotions as their ballclub battled – and ultimately triumphed over – the St. Louis Rams. From tweets of “Fire Bevell!” to verbal lambasts of every player on the field – Sidney sucks, Russell sucks, Marshawn sucks, Sweezy sucks (okay, he kind of did, but still) – to declaring the season cooked, toast, stick a fork in it, done, the 12th Man went full overreaction Monday in the midst of a game that, once again, good teams win.

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