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Karate Emergency Ep. 2.8: Don’t Make Drunken Bets


Bad news is revealed, as Slickhawk has sabotaged the show by making a drunken bet that will ultimately force us to talk about something truly awful. Until that day comes, however, we can still focus on the present.

The Seahawks have an upcoming battle against the hated Dallas Cowboys, who happen to field one of the world’s worst human beings in Greg Hardy.

The NFL is a money-making machine that has found new, horrible ways to bring in more revenue.

The Mariners hired a new manager, Scott Servais, but is he the right fit for a team in perpetual disarray?

And grumpiness reigns supreme as the NBA season kicks off for the eighth time since Seattle lost its Supersonics.

Eight episodes in, eight weeks down. If we were a high school couple, this would be quite the milestone.

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Dez Bryant Channels Saw

From the “even real writers aren’t perfect” file, we have this text on Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant, which I read on ESPN’s fantasy football newswire this morning:

“Bryant ran and cut off his right foot during Monday’s practice for the first time since suffering his ankle injury, ESPN.com reports.”

Apparently, the ankle injury got so bad, Dez just gave up all hope. I don’t like what this does for his value.