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Know Your F@#%ing Opponent: Cincinnati Bengals

17Happy Blue Friday, 12s, and welcome once again to another installment of Know Your [Bad Word] Opponent. This week we bring to you the least exciting undefeated team in football, the Cincinnati Bengals. Enjoy.

If you’re a child of the ’90s, as I am, you may remember going to pizza parlors throughout your youth and depositing quarters into machines that dispensed fun, enjoyable crap.  You put a quarter in, you spun a handle, and crap came out. Think of all the things you would never need, the things you couldn’t pawn off at your mother’s garage sale for a nickel. These were the very things kids like you and I were getting out of the veritable money pits polluting the entryways of Godfather’s, Shakey’s, Azteca, Red Robin, and more. Sticky hands, super balls, flimsy keychains made in China — a plethora of junk that could entertain a group of 10-year-olds for two or three hours, at most.

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Just When You Think Chad Ochocinco Couldn’t Possibly Be Any Dumber…

ochocinco…He goes and does something like this, and TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF! To quote Dumb and Dumber.

Really, how can you not love Chad Johnson-Ochocinco after a move like that? Buying up all the unsold tickets to prevent a blackout of Sunday’s Bengals game. That’s class.

To top it off, Chad went out and purchased 40 tickets to give away to anyone interested in seeing Law Abiding Citizen tonight, too.

What a guy. Call him a distraction or a diva if you must, but there are times when the man has his brilliant moments in life. And these are two of them.