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Michael Sam and the Seahawks

Mizzou Football Media DayOn Sunday, Feb. 9th, Missouri defensive end and 2014 NFL hopeful Michael Sam became the first Division I football player to come out as gay.

Like any announcement of this significance, the moment was met with a variety of reactions across the public spectrum. Pundits and players alike weighed in on Sam’s revelation, with most initial offerings proving to be fairly positive in nature.

Seahawks linebacker (and Super Bowl MVP) Malcolm Smith was one of the first and most prominent athletes to share his take on the news, providing the following comments via Twitter:

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Chris Clemons + Twitter + Equality = One Giant Mess

chrisclemonsOn average, it doesn’t behoove professional athletes to wax poetic on political and social issues without a good deal of information to back up any statements they may make. While some athletes can hold court on divisive, non-sports-related topics, those rare birds are few and far between. Suffice it to say that Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons is not one of those rare birds.

On Tuesday afternoon, Clemons started a bit of a firestorm on Twitter with the following tweet:

The discussion didn’t end there, however.

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