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Top 11: Greatest Sports Related Halloween Costumes Ever

7. Also the number of mistresses Lance has.
7. Also the number of mistresses Lance has.

You’re a sports fan who loves Halloween. And let’s face it, how many of us don’t love Halloween?

As a kid, you get to dress up as your favorite superhero for an evening, then go take candy from every house in the neighborhood. Fantastic.

As an adult, you get to drink, party, and watch slutty chicks dress up in skimpy clothing and forgo all their inhibitions simply because they’re in costume. Also fantastic.

So how are you going to make this Halloween the very best Halloween?

Answer: By dressing up in one of these 11 unique sports-related ensembles. Because you can only be a hobo for so long before it gets old.

On to the list.

11. Lance Armstrong’s last sperm

I’ve been pondering this costume idea for a number of years now. It’s a low-cost, low-maintenance outfit that really only requires toilet paper and a quick wit.

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Caster’s A Man, Yeah?

Man or woman? Yes.
Man or woman? Yes.

By now, you may have heard about female track superstar Caster Semenya. Semenya, for those who don’t recall, is the South African middle-distance runner that produced an earth-shattering, record-breaking time in the women’s 800m relay in August.

Semenya, who had her gender questioned openly by officials, underwent tests to determine whether she was, in fact, a woman. The results of those tests were not expected to be released until November, which led many pundits to question how hard it is to tell the difference between a penis and a vagina.

But soft! Just weeks since Semenya’s inspection, word has leaked out that the muscle-bound freak of nature is actually a hermaphrodite, better known to you and me as a he-she.

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