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Some Things I Would Like To See

Here is a list of things I would like to see happen. Enjoy.

Side Note: These things are numbered for no particular reason.

1. I would like to see Jenn Sterger talk about Brett Favre’s penis.

This would accomplish a number of things.

One, it would be really funny to those of us who still giggle at the word “penis.”

Two, it would destroy Favre’s reputation of being a guy who doesn’t show his penis.

Three, it would destroy Favre’s reputation in every other way, as well.

Four, it would validate what we already know. Which is that Favre really did send pictures of his babymaker to Sterger, in hopes that she would find it sexually appealing. Right. Because everyone enjoys gray pubes.

2. I would like to see political ads that are truthful, yet scathing.

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Favre ready to resume his role as punch line

brettfavre2According to ESPN.com, Brett Favre has the itch to start playing football again, and the Minnesota Vikings may very well be the team to help him scratch that.

Favre was released by the New York Jets just one week ago after announcing his second retirement from football. His first retirement was a well-chronicled waffle fest that occurred during the 2008 offseason.

The Minnesota Vikings are in desperate need of a starting quarterback, with Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels set to battle for the right to throw the first pass of the regular season. Favre made it no secret in 2008 that he wanted to play with Minnesota, due to the proximity of the Vikings’ home stadium in Minneapolis to Favre’s residence in Green Bay, Wisconsion. Favre would likely command a relatively small salary, and from a Minnesota standpoint make for a perfect, low-risk investment.

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Brett Favre retiring

Brett Favre has informed the New York Jets that he will retire. Two words: who cares. What’s to say the ageless quarterback won’t change his mind again in a month? Or try to land with a team closer to his home in Green Bay (Minnesota, Chicago)?

Personally, I don’t trust Favre at all. He lied to us last year and he’s just as capable of lying again. It’s gotten to the point with sports figures in America, that society no longer cares what you do, we only care about whether you’re truthful with us or not. Favre never did anything wrong, but he lied to us, and for that we’ve turned on him.

Which is why I’d just as soon never hear from Brett Favre again. Sure, he’ll find a way into our Wrangler commercials, or hold press conferences from his home to appease his ego, but whatever. So long as Favre never curses a team with his presence again (22 TD’s and 22 INT’s this year), we can all move on with our lives, and that’s a great thing.