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Closer role creates inflated sense of self-worth

White Sox Mariners BaseballBrandon Morrow always wanted to be a closer.

That’s what he claims, at least.

“Once they traded [ex-closer] J.J. [Putz]…I kept going back and forth and back and forth,” Morrow was quoted as saying.  “I  just felt like a big relief when I went back to the bullpen, because I feel that’s like my home now.”

So what if the Mariners had plans to use him as a starter.  So what if they drafted him with the fifth (yes, fifth) overall pick in the 2006 June Amateur Draft.  So what if four of the next six picks immediately following Morrow’s selection would turn into starting pitchers currently on Major League rosters (No. 6 Andrew Miller, No. 7 Clayton Kershaw, No. 10 Tim Lincecum, No. 11 Max Scherzer).  If Brandon Morrow wants to be a closer, then Brandon Morrow should be a closer.


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