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Seahawks Would Be Wise To Consider Terrell Owens

The rumor in recent days and weeks is that the Seahawks are making a play for Denver Broncos’ wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

A restricted free agent, Marshall would cost Seattle a first-round draft pick if signed by the team. It’s entirely possible that the Hawks and Broncos could work out another arrangement whereby Pete Carroll and Co. weren’t forced to relinquish the sixth or 14th pick in the 2010 Draft, but that hypothetical still remains only a distant possibility.

Considering that the Seahawks are desperate enough for wideout help to mull over the loss of a first-round pick, we can reasonably sum up the situation as dire.

Having lost de facto No. 1 receiver Nate Burleson to the Detroit Lions (where he signed a five-year, $25 million contract as an unrestricted free agent), the Hawks are down to a hodgepodge of pass-catching talent.

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