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Casey Kotchman? Really?

You’re kidding me right now, right? You really mean to tell me that Casey Kotchman — yes, the Casey Kotchman — is slated to be the Mariners’ starting first baseman in 2010? Please. No.

ESPN is reporting that the M’s are on the verge of obtaining Kotchman from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for a minor league prospect. The Red Sox no longer have any use for the first baseman with yesterday’s free agent signing of third baseman Adrian Beltre, who will shift infielder Kevin Youkilis across the diamond and into a regular role at the one bag.

Depending on who the minor leaguer is that the Mariners plan to part ways with, this could end up being a good deal for Seattle. However, the problem comes in penciling in Kotchman as the starter. There is no way that Casey Kotchman should be starting for a playoff-caliber team. Absolutely no way.

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Jonathan Papelbon Is A Ritard

jonathan_papelbon2For the second time this year, Jonathan Papelbon has been fined $5,000 for taking too long to deliver a pitch.

You can read about it here.

On a personal note, I’m glad to see the Red Sox closer get what he deserves. Papelbon is the new Curt Schilling with his outspoken nature and his inability to keep his mouth shut in the press.

I only hope they can find new, creative ways to take his money in the future. “That’s $10,000 for puffing your cheeks too many times!”

Fake fan attempts suicide after Celtics, Red Sox lose

It's all your fault, Paul!
It's all your fault, Paul!

A local man was found lying in a ditch on the side of the road late Sunday evening after an apparent suicide attempt.

The man, unidentified at the time, was discovered unconscious covered in dirt and tears, wearing a Paul Pierce Boston Celtics jersey, a kelly green Boston Red Sox baseball cap, cargo shorts with deliberately placed holes in the fabric, and brown leather flip-flops.

After further inspection, a barbed wire tattoo was uncovered on the man’s right bicep. He also had his left ear pierced, which for the record is not considered the gay ear.

After taking the man to the hospital and discovering that he was in no way harmed by his brush with death, authorities began to question the details in front of them.

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