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Moments/Quotes From The Oregon-Boise State Game That Have Made Me Laugh So Far

Oregon Boise St FootballI will continue adding moments/quotes as the game goes on. Please feel free to add moments/quotes of your own in the comments section.

-“In the WAC, we strive to be champions.” –From an advertisement for the WAC. Keep striving.

-The Boise State return man stiff-arming an Oregon defender to the ground with authority.

-A Boise State defensive back wagging his finger Dikembe Mutombo style at an Oregon receiver.

-“Who would have thought that the Oregon offense would be SO inept?” –The broadcast crew.

-Rece Davis saying something about the “O” on Oregon’s helmet being a scorekeeping device for their fans.

-Lou Holtz talking/spitting.

-Mark May’s trendy white-guy glasses.

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College Football Season Starts NOW!

espn-college-football-300x287It’s 4:00 PM PDT which means that the moment is upon us: college football season is officially underway!

ESPN is broadcasting the first big game of the year as we speak, between South Carolina and NC State. Okay, so “big” game is being used loosely. But at least it’s not Wofford vs. San Diego State or anything like that.

The nightcap of their CFB double-header features a battle of two UW rivals, as the hated Oregon Ducks travel to Idaho to take on the slightly-less-hated Boise State Broncos. Personally, I find rooting for either team to be a tough task in this one.

On the one hand you’ve got Oregon, the arch-enemy of the purple-and-gold. Nike U. is a symbol of all things evil in this world, in spite of the fact that I wear Nike apparel and really like their kicks, but that’s beside the point. The point is the Ducks, to me, are the sweat on the devil’s testicles, the absolute lowest of the low in terms of the scum of the nether world.

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