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Black Guy/White Guy, Gay Or Straight?

Let’s play a game I like to call ‘BlackGuyWhiteGuyGayOrStraight?’ I’ll show you a photo and you guess whether we’re looking at a black guy or a white guy, then try to determine based on looks alone whether he is gay or straight.

You’re probably wondering how this relates to both Seattle and sports. In fact, the person in the photo hails from the Seattle area and is a friend of mine, as well as a loyal reader of Seattle Sportsnet. So there you go. Oh, and he’s also a competitive bodybuilder, which is almost a sport. Kind of like competitive Scrabble.

If nothing else, this should serve as an example to everyone that digital cameras are as much a burden as they are a benefit. Here’s the photo:

Now feel free to take your guesses. There are two right answers, but we’ll consider everyone who participates a winner. Best of luck to you all!