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Explaining The Worst Trade In Mariners History (And It’s Not What You Think)

Of course, the easy answer is Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe for Heathcliff Slocumb. The question being, “What was the worst trade in Seattle Mariners history?” I’ll admit that even I have reasoned this to be the worst transaction in the annals of the franchise, an opinion I put into print over a year ago.

But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve come to realize that the worst trade in history wasn’t made back in 1997. Rather, it was executed just a few short years ago and nearly flew under the radar. In fact, you may have forgotten about the deal entirely. But you shouldn’t have. Because this move was absolutely, undeniably horrific.

All that said, we first need to understand why the Varitek-and-Lowe-for-Slocumb swap wasn’t the worst trade in Mariners history. So let’s start there.

On the day that then-general manager Woody Woodward pulled the trigger on the Slocumb debacle, it was not viewed as the horrible, Godawful, incredibly one-sided affair that we see it as today. There are two reasons for this.

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Top 11: Things you will NEVER hear Seattle sports fans say

sene2I apologize to anyone who may have accidentally uttered any of these statements over the years. It doesn’t mean you’re not a true Seattle sports fan, it just means you have some work to do. Nobody’s perfect.

11. “It’s a boy! And we shall name him Mouhamed!” Sorry, Sene.

10. “Bobblehead night, huh? No, sorry, I can’t go.” Ichiro’s fifty different bobbleheads hate you.

9. “Look, there he is! Husky Legend Casey Paus!” Eh…that was almost unwarranted.

8. “Thanks to Seattle’s new transportation system, everyone can get to the game for free!” Even George Jetson had a laugh at that one.

7. “Yes! The yellow hydro always wins!” Green for life! Red is the enemy!

6. “Oh, that? That’s just my Dan McGwire shrine.” Right next to your portrait of Rich King, no less.

5. “Two World Series tickets, please.” I need to wipe my tears now.

4. “There it is, son. One of Seattle’s greatest landmarks. We renovated it in 2011.” No, thank you, Washington State government.

3. “Honey, have you seen my Ayala jersey?” It’s right next to your Richie Sexson commemorative chucking helmet.

2. “Bill Bavasi told me to.” The answer to the question, “Why did you draft five closers in the first five rounds of our fantasy draft?”

1. “God bless Nick Licata.” Possible substitutes for Licata include Greg Nickels, Frank Chopp, or Christine Gregoire.

Brad Wilkerson latest career casualty of Bavasi-era Mariners

Mariners Diamondbacks Spring BaseballBrad Wilkerson announced his retirement from baseball today, just one year removed from being the Seattle Mariners’ opening day starter in right field. You can add Wilkerson’s name to the list of players who are now out of baseball after having  had their careers put on life support by ever-gracious ex-Seattle Mariner GM Bill Bavasi.

Here is a list, separated by year, of players that suited up for at least one game with the Mariners that are now completely out of Major League Baseball (i.e. not on the roster of a major league team or any of its farm affiliates; list includes players who are playing in independent leagues, or leagues in other countries). The list dates back to 2004, Bavasi’s first year as general manager:

2008 (5 players): Charlton Jimerson, OF; Richie Sexson, 1B; Jose Vidro, DH; Jared Wells, RP; Brad Wilkerson, OF.

2007 (5): Jason Davis, RP; Jon Huber, RP; Julio Mateo, RP; Chris Reitsma, RP; Rick White, RP.

2006 (8): T.J. Bohn, OF; Francisco Cruceta, RP; Carl Everett, DH; Jeff Harris, RP; Matt Lawton, OF; Clint Nageotte, SP; Eduardo Perez, 1B/3B; Guillermo Quiroz, C.

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Zduriencik doing his best to make Bavasi look like an idiot

Bill Bavasi, Super Villain
Bill Bavasi, Super Villain

Can you blame him?  It’s not like Jack Zduriencik has to try very hard.

The new general manager of the Seattle Mariners has spent the last few months attempting to put a heavy layer of whiteout over all of ex-GM Bill Bavasi’s mistakes.

Like the decision to pass up four Major League starting pitchers (one by the name of “Lincecum”) in the 2006 MLB Draft for a glorified relief pitcher (Brandon Morrow) with the No. 5 overall pick.

Or the selection of 2008 first round draftee Josh Fields, a closer out of Georgia, who just signed with the ballclub one month ago.

And now, just yesterday, another chapter of the Bavasi Failures was penned.  Zduriencik and the ballclub announced that 2007 first rounder Phillippe Aumont would, like Morrow before him, be relegated to the bullpen.

Three consecutive first round picks, each one a relief pitcher.

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