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Beno Bryant’s Gameday Motivation

Because this Husky Legend can pump you up. And because Beno could type out the telephone book in caps with exclamation points, and I’d feel the passion.


Is is just for “U”? Or is it a tool for U to use to help galvanize the interest of “OTHERS”!


As a DAWG, “WE” need to focus on motivating the interest of others, which will lead to TEAM EFFORT, as well as an overall success!

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Beno Bryant Will Get You Fired Up About Husky Football

Some quotes from the Husky Legend, via Seattle Sportsnet’s Facebook profile:

Disappointed in our squad. We gotta play with some passion and our QB needs learn to manage the game. He doesn’t have to win it. Manage it. I like Sark, however he needs to let others help Locker help himself. I still believe in them both, as well as the system (that hasn’t been displayed yet). Line up, man to man, and take the will from these teams!

We judge ourselves by what we think we can do. Others judge us by what we have done!

We’ve done NOTHING, so riding a hype mobile is not in this DAWG’s mentality! COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY, HEART, WILL, DESIRE, AND PASSION! Where has it gone?

Don’t just read my words, my friends! Read the blank spaces between the letters! This is something serious to me…WHEN YOU BLEED PURPLE AND CRY GOLD!

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