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The 24-Hour Push To Get Barack Obama To Play Ball With Us

What are the odds that we can get Barack Obama and his staff to play basketball with my rec team, the Athletic Supporters? The Prez happens to be arriving in Seattle tonight (Wednesday) and will be leaving some time on Thursday. Regardless of his geographic proximity, I would have to imagine that the odds of him running with us are not very good at all. Probably like one-in-a-million (So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance…).

I’m gonna give it a shot anyways, by using Twitter as my medium. You can follow me on Twitter (@alexssn) as I harass Barack (@BarackObama), attempting to coerce him into a pickup game with the best recreational basketball team on the planet.

I know two things. One, we won’t lose. And two, Barack and his staff probably don’t have the confidence to run with us. We’re good. And Reggie Love ain’t nothin’.

Let’s go, Barack.

Top 11: Greatest Sports Related Halloween Costumes Ever

7. Also the number of mistresses Lance has.
7. Also the number of mistresses Lance has.

You’re a sports fan who loves Halloween. And let’s face it, how many of us don’t love Halloween?

As a kid, you get to dress up as your favorite superhero for an evening, then go take candy from every house in the neighborhood. Fantastic.

As an adult, you get to drink, party, and watch slutty chicks dress up in skimpy clothing and forgo all their inhibitions simply because they’re in costume. Also fantastic.

So how are you going to make this Halloween the very best Halloween?

Answer: By dressing up in one of these 11 unique sports-related ensembles. Because you can only be a hobo for so long before it gets old.

On to the list.

11. Lance Armstrong’s last sperm

I’ve been pondering this costume idea for a number of years now. It’s a low-cost, low-maintenance outfit that really only requires toilet paper and a quick wit.

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Barack doesn’t like Andy Katz either

Barack knows basketball.
Barack knows basketball.

ESPN is currently featuring an exclusive inside look at Barack Obama’s NCAA Tournament bracket, and it’s not that intriguing.  Between their online content, and the Sportscenter segment, it’s rather boring in fact.  Our president makes safe picks, for the most part, and even takes a shot at the Pac-10, who he says is “down” this year (goodbye, California electorate).  His national champion is North Carolina, and he has them beating Louisville in the title game.  Eh.  Oh, and he also has Washington losing to UConn in the Sweet 16.  Like that hasn’t happened before.

Perhaps the most awesome thing about the whole segment is that Obama comes off as slightly perturbed by the presence of ESPN College Basketball analyst Andy Katz.  You may remember Andy Katz from a column we featured on this site in December, condemning him for labeling Washington the Pac-10’s Most Disappointing team (define “disappointing”).  He’s an annoying know-it-all that in reality knows little more than the rest of us.  He doesn’t seem to do his job very well, and his opinions are uneducated and often just flat wrong.  I’m sure Barack knows this.  Which is why when Katz is needling him and trying to lend a helping hand with Barack’s bracket, our prez simply brushes him off or answers his questions with brief, two-word answers.  I like it.  As president, is there anything Barack can do to ensure that we never hear from Andy Katz again?

Tiger and Barack should have a speak-off

Bob Ley is key.
Bob Ley is key.

I have a dream, and that dream is to witness a speak-off between Tiger Woods and Barack Obama.  It will be carried live on ESPN2 HD, at 1:30 PM, PDT.  Jim Rome will get the day off.

At precisely 1:31 PM, PDT, after a studio introduction by Bob Ley, the cameras will zoom in on a wooden table, resting atop a stage, in front of a capacity crowd at Radio City Music Hall.  There, sitting in glorious high-backed chairs facing one another across the length of the table will be Tiger Woods and Barack Obama.  Tiger will be on your left, Barack on your right.  They will simply be staring one another down.  No words will have yet been spoken, no emotion will as yet be displayed.

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