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Check Out This Sellout Media Whore

Head over to The Brewery, Jerry Brewer’s blog on SeattleTimes.com, for the latest edition of Ask Akita. It’s a lot like Bill Simmons’ mailbag for local sports fans. Except, you know, minus all the fame and money that comes along with being Bill Simmons.

Great questions submitted by the readers this week. Topics include the significance (or lack thereof) of Washington State’s NIT Tournament run, ways to get through the 2011 Mariners season, the KP4H campaign, and my own media whoreishness/slutitude.

Be sure to check it out, and if you have any questions you’d like considered for the next edition of Ask…Me, please submit those questions directly to Jerry at jbrewer@seattletimes.com.

Sex In The Kitchen: The Best of Both Worlds Tour

Okay. Think of this website as your bedroom. Think of every other website out there as the kitchen. Think of my writing as sex. Yeah, you can always have sex in the bedroom, but sometimes, you just wanna have sex in the kitchen. It’s exotic, it’s fun, and when you’re done you can make a sandwich.

Today’s sex in the kitchen is a veritable Best of Both Worlds Tour. Like Backstreet Boys meets New Kids on the Block. Not only do you get me (I like to think of myself as the Backstreet Boys in this scenario), but you also get well-respected Seattle Times columnist and Adidas basketball shoe fanatic Jerry Brewer (he’s NKOTB…it’s a generational thing).

The article is posted on Jerry’s blog over at SeattleTimes.com. You can find it by CLICKING HERE.

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