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Uninspired By Washington

How uninspiring are the Huskies right now? Forget bad. Forget inconsistent. Forget boring. They are clearly all of those things. It’s their absolute inability to inspire that should drive you up the wall.

Coming off a 32-31 last-second victory in Southern California a week ago, I expected to be inspired on Saturday. We all did.

The Dawgs were back home facing an Arizona State squad that hadn’t won a contest in nearly a month.

The rain was pouring down, the kickoff was in prime time, and the momentum prior to the opening whistle belonged entirely to Washington. The stage was set for this team to put together back-to-back wins for the first time this season.

And then that happened.

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Look, don’t put too much stock into reading the interwebs on a day like today. Let me be straight with you. For most of the next 13 or 14 hours, I’m gonna be outside, in the rain, drinking beverages of an adult nature, enjoying life with my friends, while hoping against hope that the Huskies can beat up on Arizona State. That’s just the way it is. I wouldn’t trust an avid web surfer on a Saturday. You shouldn’t either.

I wish I could give you something more inspiring. I’ve had a very motivating week, myself. I feel like a better person thanks to the last five days. In fact, I really feel like I should be out doing something more important than tossing ping-pong balls into cups and processing liquids like a machine.

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Questionable Play-Calling Dooms Huskies In Desert

Arizona State players celebrate their 24-17 victory over Washington. (AP/Matt York)
Arizona State players celebrate their 24-17 victory over Washington. (AP/Matt York)

With under a minute remaining in a tie ballgame and all three timeouts intact, the Washington Huskies screwed up. Bad.

Given the option to a) run out the clock and play for overtime, or b) use the timeouts and go for the win, Washington did neither. Instead, they called consecutive run plays on first and second down, essentially killing the clock in the process, then hurried to the line of scrimmage and went for the home run, launching a deep pass down the sideline to no one in particular.

The clock stopped, leaving the Huskies deep in their own territory on fourth down. They had no other choice. They had to punt.

Arizona State fielded the punt and returned it to midfield. The Sun Devil offense took the field with under 20 seconds left to play, then executed one play that decided the outcome of the game.

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