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Andrew Moritz: 1978-2011

From Year of the Comeback:

“With peace in his heart and love in the room, our beloved Andrew took his last breath tonight. He was surrounded by his family and a few close friends. It was peaceful and so beautiful.”

I had the chance to share Andrew’s story nearly three years ago when I first heard about his fight against cancer. He was only supposed to have a couple months to live. He defied the odds for so long.

He made me appreciate my life more. I changed the mission of this website after I wrote his story. I just wanted to bring people together after that. Through words. Because he was bringing people together through a situation that would otherwise be negative.

He changed my life and I hardly knew him. I owe that guy so much. A lot of who I’ve become is due in large part to his attitude.

Man, he inspired me. He inspired me to live better. So much has changed since I first heard about him. My whole life is different now, and I know it has a lot to do with his story.

I can’t believe this. I just never considered the fact that he wouldn’t get better. I was naive. Cancer is relentless. But sometimes you just can’t help but believe in the fighter, believe in the fight. He was an incredible fighter. Nobody else could have lived the way he did, under these conditions, for as long as he did it. He was amazing. He’s in a better place now. But he’s missed. So, so missed.

It’s funny. You shouldn’t be able to miss someone you hardly know. What you miss is the presence, I guess. Andrew had that presence. His presence reminded me that we can’t take this for granted. We can’t skip a day and look off our relationships for a minute. We’ll regret it otherwise. You have to immerse yourself in the positive, find your love and embrace it. I didn’t fully realize this until I interpreted his story that way.

Andrew, you’re awesome. You were awesome, and you’ll continue to be awesome. The Huskies lost an All-Star tonight. But more than that, the world lost a good human being.

We’ll see you again someday. Thanks for everything.

Support Andrew Moritz by buying a bracelet

The family of Andrew Moritz will be on hand at tonight’s UW-ASU game to sell bracelets in support of Andrew and his ongoing battle with cancer.  The money raised from the sale of the bracelets will go to help cover the costs of Andrew’s medical treatment, as well as the cost associated with his trips to and from Houston, where he’s receiving care.

The family will also be attending the next three Husky games as well, so if you are not attending tonight’s contest, or can’t catch up with the Moritzes this evening, make sure to check in with them over the course of the final home games.

You can find more information on the bracelets here.