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Every Seahawks Player, Anagrammed

russellwilsonGood news: The Seahawks are winning.

Bad news: All this winning doesn’t give us much to talk about.

Sure, we could nitpick middling flaws or break down plays one at a time. But you don’t come here for crap like that. That’s not us. So rather than go football nerd on you or wax overly-poetic about a season just four games old, we’ve done something much more juvenile and fitting. Yes, we’ve anagrammed the names of every single player, scrambling and unscrambling the letters to find the very best phrases among your 2013 Seattle Seahawks.

So without further digression, please enjoy the below findings. Special thanks to the internet for helping rearrange the words.

3 – Russell Wilson, QB

I sell slurs now.

For a nickel, he’ll cuss at you.

4 – Steven Hauschka, K

He shave nutsack.

Smooth as eggshells, baby.

7 – Tarvaris Jackson, QB

Sir Torn Java Sack.

The most unfortunate knight in all of England. Also, I’m sensing a theme here.

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