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Ironman of the Year Award: Adrian Beltre

If you’ve ever been hit in the testicles, you likely join me in applauding the heroics of Seattle Mariners’ third baseman Adrian Beltre.

A warrior in every sense of the word, Beltre endured the most painful of injuries earlier this year when a ground ball struck him directly in the man area. Not one to succumb to physical calamity, Beltre shrugged off the damage like a bad cough and continued playing in the game, unaware that he was suffering from a lacerated, bleeding testicle. Wow, just wow.

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Adrian Beltre’s Nuts Are Okay

testiclesAdrian Beltre has been activated from the 15-day disabled list, meaning his lacerated bleeding testicles are fully healed. The emotional scarring may never disappear, however.

Beltre, who was injured when a wayward ground ball collided with his groin, had been practicing in recent days…without a protective cup. Guess it’s tough to change your ways.

Also returning to the lineup this evening is right fielder Ichiro Suzuki. The M’s leadoff hitter has been nursing a tight calf and hasn’t played in nine days.

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ESPN’s Rick Reilly accuses Beltre of steroid use

beltreRemember when Rick Reilly was good at his job?  He used to find stories, research them, and make powerful, well thought out arguments on the back page of Sports Illustrated.  Then he left for ESPN, and likely a bigger paycheck.  Since then, Reilly has become the Shaun Alexander of journalism, cashing in on his payday and subsequently falling off the face of the earth with his production.  Reilly’s recent ineptitude came to a head today, with an article condemning baseball’s steroid era by lazily ripping on any player associated with performance-enhancing drugs.  Hence our surprise when amongst the likes of Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Ken Caminiti, and Jose Canseco whose name should appear but….Adrian Beltre?

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