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710 ESPN kicks off first day by mugging KJR

johnclayton1Longtime 950 KJR radio personality John Clayton is moving his Sports Saturday show to Seattle’s newest sports talk station.

At 3:10 PM today, the new 710 ESPN KIRO radio announced that Clayton would be making the move from KJR to ESPN, a “big announcement” that had been teased all afternoon.

In addition to Clayton’s duties at KJR, he is perhaps better known to most sports fans as ESPN’s NFL insider, dubbed “The Professor” for his vast knowledge of pro football.

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This week is Sports Heaven

heavenRegardless of who you are, or who you root for, this week is sports heaven.

The Seattle Mariners are tied for first place and hopes are high at least for at least the next seven days with the start of the season tonight against the Twins of Minneapolis. Felix Hernandez is the leading Cy Young candidate in our eyes and we are all making cases for how the Mariners can pull the impossible and be this season’s Tampa Bay Rays.

The NCAA Basketball National Championship game is also tonight. While we are switching back and forth between the Mariners game and the basketball game, we can all become Michigan State Spartan fans as we will a state that is down on its luck to victory.

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710 KIRO vs. 950 KJR – Who will you listen to?

A repost of an article originally written on 3/13/09 profiling the new KIRO ESPN sports radio alongside the incumbent 950 KJR.  Today is KIRO’s first day under their new format.

The new 710 ESPN Seattle sports radio revealed their daily lineup earlier this week, and it’s clear they are making a push to displace 950 KJR AM as the region’s premier sports talk station. We’re here to break down the head-to-head daily shows and let you in on what to expect when April 1st comes around and 710 hits the airwaves.

Morning Show

950 KJR AM: Mitch in the Morning, local, 6:00 AM-10:00 AM.

710 ESPN: Colin Cowherd, national, 7:00 AM-11:00 AM.

Not much of a battle here. Mitch should retain most of his listeners, while transplant fans will probably prefer the nationally syndicated Cowherd. All the Mitch haters out there might migrate to what serves as ESPN’s midday show (since Cowherd takes the air from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM on the East Coast), but for the most part, it will be a Mitch massacre.

Result: Mitch dominates Cowherd, retains listeners, maintains foothold in Emerald City.

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