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The Official 2011 950 KJR (Bigger) Dance Preview

Two years ago, I wrote up a comprehensive preview on 950 KJR’s (Bigger) Dance. It was in-depth, wordy, and fairly popular for how long and drawn out it was. I broke down every matchup in extreme detail, showcasing my knowledge of attractive women and doing my very best to help my readers to victory in everyone’s favorite office pool. Overall, I give it a D-minus. Certainly not my best work, though the photos were worthwhile.

This year, I figured I’d take another crack at it. But in fewer words and with some help. Try to bump the level of quality up to a more satisfactory range.

A firm believer in the power of the opposite sex in this annual celebration of the feminine figure, I enlisted the help of three females in previewing this year’s field. Special thanks go out to Kalisa Beyer, Charmin Flojo, and Zareen Rahman for helping me put this thing together. In addition to their commentary throughout, take a look at their respective Final Fours and champions at the end of the article.

Without further ado, on to the preview…

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Prepare Yourself For The (Bigger) Dance

If you don’t know about the (Bigger) Dance, click here. To briefly explain, the (Bigger) Dance was originally created by 950 KJR’s morning show host Mitch Levy back in 1997 and is a tournament in the likeness of the Big Dance which crowns the Queen of the Hardwood.

To make your picks, participate in the bracket challenge, and qualify to win a trip to any sporting event in the world, click the link above or simply navigate to 950KJR.com.

Once your picks have been made, join the Seattle Sportsnet office pool by clicking here (or by selecting “Join an Office Pool” from the Bracket drop-down menu on the site), then type in the unique pool number and password, which are as follows:

Pool Number: 534

Password: seattlesportsnet

In the coming days, we’ll have all the (Bigger) Dance analysis you need right here on these pages, the only place online where you can get such advice. So stay tuned. We’re here to help you win…